Help: Sent cUSD by mistake to my CELO coinbase wallet

I used my coinbase CELO address to send some cUSD to Coinbase from Valora. I completely forgot I needed to convert it. However, I had done that in the past without the need of conversion (I think it was automatic, because it gave me an option to send as CELO). I do not know what happened now. Can someone tell me if my crypto is lost now? I tested things out AFTER, by converting cUSD to CELO and the transfer was immediate. I’m waiting for Valora’s team to respond to me, I don’t want to lose hope.

Device Information

OS: [iOS or Android]
Device: iOS
App Version: 1.73.1

Hi @MacCentris Oh no! I wish I could deliver good news; however, the only ones who can get your funds back would be Coinbase, and we haven’t heard much success from other folks in your situation. I do encourage you to reach out to Coinbase’s support team and ask them for help; but yes, those funds are likely inaccessible until Coinbase supports cUSD.