Coinbase Tutorial on Celo and Valora fail

I went through the Coinbase tutorial and created celo and converted it but I am unable to send 1.00 of the conversion amount in Valora . I click the review button and am displayed a read text message at the top that the amount is not high enough to send. But the video help in the tutorial screen is showing 1.00 as the amount sent. The tutorial then seems to be stuck on step 5.

tldr; I’m a newbie to crypto. I’m not sure I know what a wallet is. Crypto exploration has me created accounts and more accounts. I’ve lost half the account info already. :slight_smile: I need some type of vault to hold all this info. I’ve encountered some insane transactions fees in non celo apps.

I struggled a bit to find a way to contact celo from the web page but eventually hit this forum.

iphone 8, latest app downloaded on 4/16/2021

Hi @celonate!

You likely have more CELO that you can convert to cUSD to send to a friend. Can you give that a try before sending the $1?

If you’re still running into this please reach out to out support team and we can help. Easiest way to do that is to open Valora, open the sidebar and tap Help > Contact

You can probably send 99 cents. I had $1.01 showing after converting $1, so it must have been rounding up. I tried sending $1.01, but that plus the tiny fee must not have been possible and the button was not enabled.

I lowered the send amount to $1 and was able to send fine.