CUSD sent to CELO network


One question.Two weeks ago I sent CUSD by error from Coinlist to the CELO wallet of Binance. Binance’s told me that they did not have the CUSD listed and even the transaction was sent to the CELO network, which is not compatible. How can I get these funds back?.

This is the txid:

Thank you.

Hi @Btcdancer
It sounds like your funds are in a wallet controlled by Binance correct? If the wallet you sent to was the CELO funding address for Binance, only Binance support can recover your funds. You should create a new account (for example in Valora or and ask them to send your funds to your new wallet :slight_smile:


I have spoken to Binance and they have told me that since the CUSD funds were sent to the CELO network, which is not supported by CUSD, they cannot recover the funds. They have told me that maybe in the future, if they ever list CUSD, maybe they could get it back.

So is it true that funds cannot be retrieved from the CELO network?

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Hi. Do you know if CeloUSD is scheduled to be listed on Binance soon?.

If the funds are in an account that Binance controls, only they can access it. It seems like your funds are safe but that they don’t yet have the tools to handle the cUSD.

I’m not sure when they will add cUSD support. I recommend you join the Celo Discord and ask that question in the Exchange-Support channel: Discord

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CUSD funds may be safe on Binance, but Binance doesn’t seem to know how to recover them from CELO’s wallet. Okay, I’ll join Discord and ask there. Thank you very much.

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