Problem with transaction

hello. I have a question. where can i write to developers? I have a problem with a transaction. i sent cusd from kucoin exchange to binance exchange and they got stuck.

You’ll probably want to check with kucoin and binance customer support, assuming it has to do with addresses and how they support Celo.

If you’ve identified an issue with the protocol implementation (i.e. code), suggest submitting a GitHub ticket.

I don’t think Binance lists cUSD. Essentially what has happened is you’ve sent funds to an exchange in a denomination that that exchange doesn’t support. You may be able to get them back from Binance customer support but it’s likely they won’t actually help unfortunately.


Good luck

and maybe there is a whole team or those who have access to the network to regulate it? so that the celo creators just open the network management and in the list of transactions put the transaction back in. Isn’t there such a possibility? And is there still a chance that binance will list cusd and my coins will appear in the wallet? just in binance, I wrote to me they told me that they could not help with anything.

Since Celo is fully decentralized no one can undo an individual transaction. Yes perhaps if Binance lists cUSD then your balance will already sitting there in their Celo wallet. Fingers crossed for you!

For The Celo team to do such a thing they would need to perform a hard fork. This would involve reversing all the transactions that came after the transaction that someone wants to reverse. They could be reprocessed but but many would simply be lost. It would be spending a million dollars to save a dollar!

It is not practical.

When Ethereum dao had their smart contract hacked they loss millions. The Ethereum team was split on the decision to reverse the malicious transaction that resulted in millions lost, or to just leave it be.

They went ahead with reversing it. Some of the team left.
Now we have Ethereum classic. Who believes “Code is law”
because reversing a transaction is not what the Blockchain was designed to do, transactions are supposed to be irreversible and dependable. To do such a thing is antithesis of everything that the Blockchain stands for, and if it is done, it’s proven to be doable. It can be done again and again. What’s next the FBI demanding a transaction to be reversed, the courts issuing orders on behalf of the IRS for a hard fork to be done so to obtain wallet keys of a person delinquent on taxes.

Binance academy has a article that states:

If you deposit tokens into your Binance account with the wrong blockchain selected, Binance cannot help you retrieve your crypto.

(Located just before the last paragraph)