The Celo Stake Off: Ready for a Bigger Kitchen? Let’s Vote!

Are you ready to grow the Celo kitchen from 100 to 120 validators? cLabs just put forward a governance proposal to do just that. Type the following command to check it out:

$ celocli governance:view --proposalID=19

It’s now your turn to vote and voice your preference by accepting or rejecting this proposal. More specifically, here’s what you need to do:

  • Feb 19 0130 - Feb 19 0530 UTC - Upvote: Indicate to the community that you’d like the proposal considered.

$ celocli governance:upvote --proposalID=19 --from=<YOUR_ADDRESS>

  • Feb 19 0530 - Feb 19 0930 UTC - Approval: The Approver, in this case cLabs for Baklava, will review and approve the upvoted proposal. No action needed from you.

  • Feb 20 0930UTC - Feb 21 0130 UTC - Referendum: Vote ABSTAIN, YES, or NO for the proposal.

$ celocli governance:vote --proposalID=19 --value=(Abstain|Yes|No) --from=<YOUR_ADDRESS>

  • Any time after Feb 21 0130 UTC - Execution: If the proposal passes with a majority voting yes then it may be executed by anyone.

$ celocli governance:execute --proposalID:19 --from=<YOUR_ADDRESS>

Tip: You can view the status of the proposal at any time by running the following command.

$ celocli governance:list

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, checkout the Governance docs. You may also want to check the Governance CLI docs.

Tidying Up the Kitchen

cLabs is investigating the issues observed with the Geth 1.9 upgrade. It appears some validators are having trouble syncing and with their proxy-validator setup. As a result you are not required to upgrade your nodes before February 20 as previously mentioned.

Upgrading to a Better Kitchen

Hotfixes are an important ingredient to network security. Instead of raising the minimum client version (as previously communicated), cLabs cooked up a proposal to fix an Attestations contract bug. The proposal will include the latest version of the Attestation contract with a fix that can be found here.

The hotfix release date is moved by one day from Feb 20 to Feb 21 @ 1600 UTC. The objective is to complete this entire process in less than 24 hours. An email at that date will be sent with details.

Secure Your Kitchen

Last but not least, it’s been reported by the security audit team and others that some validators have exposed the Celo node RPC ports (8545 and 8546 by default) to the public which can be exploited. Read more about this vulnerability and how to secure your kitchens as we wrap up the Great Celo Stake Off.

Happy voting!

The Great Celo Stake Off team