Vote to Unfreeze Validator Elections & Rewards

The Celo Release Candidate 1 kitchen is running smoothly and it’s now time to vote on whether you should be rewarded for your first dishes: cLabs just put forward a governance proposal to unfreeze validator elections and validator Celo Dollar rewards.

The proposal ID is 1 and it will run from today, Apr 27th to Friday, May 1st. This post explains how to see and vote on the proposal.

Before jumping in, make sure you have:

Start by checking that your node is synchronized with the network. The output should display true. If it displays false you may need to wait a bit and try again.

$ celocli node:synced

Once your node is synced, check out the proposal.

$ celocli governance:view --proposalID=1

It’s now your turn to vote and voice your preference by accepting or rejecting this proposal.

INFO: If you’re using a Ledger hardware wallet you’ll need to make sure your device is unlocked and will need to append to the following commands --useLedger. Alternatively, if you’re using more than one address, append --ledgerAddresses=N or ledgerCustomAddresses=[M, N]. See CLI governance docs for more information.

NOTE: In the following commands <VARIABLE> is used as a placeholder for something you should specify on the command line.

Here’s what will happen and what you need to do.

  1. [1 Day] Proposal phase - Upvote: Indicate to the community that you’d like the proposal considered.
$ celocli governance:upvote --proposalID=1 --from=<YOUR_ADDRESS>
  1. [1 Day] Approval phase - Wait: The Approver, in this case the Celo Foundation, will review and approve the upvoted proposal from phase 1. No action needed from you.

  2. [2 Days] Referendum phase - Vote: Voice your preference by voting ABSTAIN, YES, or NO for the proposal.

$ celocli governance:vote --proposalID=1 --value=(Abstain|Yes|No) --from=<YOUR_ADDRESS>
  1. [3 Days] Execution phase - Execute: If the proposal passes with a majority voting yes then it may be executed by anyone within 3 days.
$ celocli governance:execute --proposalID=1 --from=<YOUR_ADDRESS>

See the documentation for more information about:

Please vote,
The cLabs team