Governance proposals to unfreeze voter rewards and Celo Gold transfers

Hi Everyone,

Some of you asked for more time to review on-chain proposals prior to voting on them. We heard you and have some news to share: cLabs is planning to submit two on-chain governance proposals by the end of the week to unfreeze voter rewards and Celo Gold transfers for the community to vote on.

Here are the details.

Objective: Complete the next step in the Celo journey, “Celo Gold Voter Rewards Activated.”

Proposal Info: read on GitHub in the Celo Governance Proposal (CGP) folder.

  1. Unfreeze voter rewards CGP
  2. Unfreeze Celo Gold transfers CGP

Anticipated timeline:

  • May 14: cLabs plans to submit the two proposals, Celo Gold holders will have 24h to upvote
  • May 15: If dequeued, approvers review the proposals
  • May 16: If approved, Celo Gold holders have 48h to vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN. Given the proposed change, we expect the protocol will require ~6.5 million votes, but it would be great to see even more participation. We would love to see 25 million votes for each proposal (two times more than for the last proposal, which got 12.6 million votes)
  • May 18: If the proposal passes, voter rewards and Celo Gold transfers will be unfrozen

Note: we recognize that these timings are fast compared to other blockchain platforms, cLabs intends to submit a governance proposal to slow this process down to ~2 weeks once Celo Dollars are live (we also welcome any other community member to submit a similar proposal).

If you have any comments or questions we suggest replying here (vs. reaching out on Discord, Telegram, or email) so as to keep the conversation asynchronous and inclusive.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts,
The cLabs team



I think the initiative of discussing/debating proposals is great. These are known and expected proposals so I personally don’t see many things to debate about, since they are all part from promoting RC1 to main net if everything goes well. However using this as exercise is a valuable thing.

Regarding the fast timings, like I said earlier the short timeframe works for now since the plans were shared long ago. In order not to reduce the importance of eventuality changing the voting duration parameters I propose we discuss this subject on a separate thread when the time will come.

P.S. Congrats on successfully closing the auction! It was quite an achievement in the actual global context


The proposals to unfreeze voter rewards (proposalID=2) and Celo Gold (proposalID=3) have been queued.

You may view each proposal by running:

celocli governance:view --proposalID=<PROPOSAL_ID>

You may also upvote on a proposal by running:

celocli governance:upvote --proposalID=<PROPOSAL_ID> --from=<YOUR-VALIDATOR-VOTE-SIGNER-ADDRESS>

For more detailed instructions, please refer to Voting on Governance documentation.