Celo Validators -- Get A Taste of the New Baklava! 🍮

We hope you are all healthy, safe, and secure in this challenging period for the world. We know that you’re receiving many emails lately, so we’ll keep this one brief.

The cLabs team is heads down making upgrades to Baklava after the Stake Off, and are nearing release of the new Baklava network! This network will be 100% run by the community. This is an exciting moment! cLabs will follow up with a set of instructions on how to bootstrap a new network from scratch.


1. CoinList identification process

Thank you to all eligible Mainnet Celo Gold recipients for working diligently to complete the CoinList identification process. Those of you who have successfully completed the process will receive a Celo Gold agreement by Docusign week of March 23. As always, reach out to hello@celo.org if you have any questions.

2. Update your Baklava validator signer information by March 25

If you haven’t already, please update your gist files with your signer key address. As mentioned in the FAQ, you should add a new entry CELO_GENESIS_VALIDATOR_SIGNER_ADDRESS for the signer address of the single validator to be included in the genesis block. This will allow you to participate in consensus before the first election.

cLabs will faucet the validator and validator group addresses in that Gist after network launch, so please ensure that you have access to the addresses you intend to use on the New Baklava network. See instructions here. NOTE: The Celo Gold Units for New Baklava is separate from the Celo Gold Units fauceted and/or earned during the Great Celo Stake Off, and will not reflect in Mainnet balances.

Road to Kitchen Opening - Tentative dates (Subject to change)

March 27 - cLabs will share the node release, genesis block, and detailed instructions - Review your recipe books and start prepping your ingredients :bowl_with_spoon:

March 27 to April 1 - One week to stand-up and test the release on your infrastructure - Take the time to sharpen your knives! :hocho:

April 2 - Validators start producing blocks - The kitchen is 100% run by a community of chefs! :woman_cook: :woman_cook: :woman_cook: :woman_cook:

As always, reach out to us on Discord or at hello@celo.org if you have any questions. We’re getting closer to Celo Mainnet launch by the day, and are excited to be on this journey with you.

cLabs Team