Urgent Requests for Validators for Mainnet and Baklava

Hi Validators,

We have two asks for you right now that are time sensitive. One concerns your mainnet validator. The other only concerns Baklava validators (if you’re running one).


For mainnet, we are asking you to immediately upgrade your validator to celo-blockchain v1.2.5 to allow for a possible increase in blockchain throughput. More information is found in this post by Tim.

Please upgrade by tomorrow morning PT so that a governance hotfix can be proposed to increase the block gas limit. cLabs will make this proposal in the event that we anticipate higher network load is imminent; otherwise we will propose the change via the normal governance process.

When an overwhelming majority of validators have confirmed that they’re upgraded, we will share a human readable JSON file with the contents of the hotfix proposal, as well as a random hexadecimal salt.

You will be able to verify and approve this proposal using the following commands:

celocli governance:hashhotfix --jsonTransactions=PATH_TO_JSON --salt=SALT

which will output the hotfix hash.

Then you can run:

celocli governance:whitelisthotfix --from VALIDATOR_SIGNER --hash=HOTFIX_HASH

The hotfix process requires validators to approve the proposal using their validator signer or validator account address. If you do not anticipate being able to run celocli with access to either of these keys, please let us know.

Baklava and Donut Hardfork

We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience around messaging regarding v1.2.5 for Baklava. We ask you to either upgrade to v1.3.0-beta2 if you are on v1.2.5 of Baklava or if you are currently using v1.3.0-beta1, you can remain on that version for the time being. The Baklava Donut Hardfork continues to be set to activate at block 5002000 on Tuesday, April 13th.

So your immediate actions are:

  • If on v1.2.5 or earlier on baklava, please upgrade to v1.3.0-beta2 this week
  • If on v1.3.0-beta1 on baklava, you can stay on it or upgrade to v1.3.0-beta2

Thank you for keeping the Celo network secure.

Best wishes,

The cLabs Team