Version 1.2.5 Release of celo-blockchain

The Celo Blockchain team is pleased to announce the release of celo-blockchain v1.2.5.

v1.2.5 contains a single feature that substantially improves performance around transaction pool management. This will facilitate, subject to on-chain governance, an increase in the network’s transaction throughput by raising the block gas limit.

We strongly recommend all validator operators upgrade as soon as possible – primarily on validator instances – first on baklava, then on mainnet.

Validator proxies and full nodes may be upgraded, but it is not essential that they are.

cLabs plans to ask validators to support a governance proposal as early as Tuesday 6th April to increase the block gas limit, which will depend on most validators running this version.

Please reach out here or on Discord if you have any questions, suggestions, or need support.


cLabs Team