Proposal to increase Block Gas Limit to 32M gas

Hi all,

We are here with a proposal to the Celo community to increase the block gas limit to 32M from the previous limit of 20M gas.

Why this change? We want to focus on improving the blockchain to account for higher throughput as part of future-proofing Celo, and raising the gas limit will help us get to a higher TPS.

The cLabs Blockchain team has done their due diligence and conducted load testing and stability testing to confirm readiness for this current change of 32M gas, with an eye to raising the block gas limit further in the future. We are also in communication with Validators, Nodes, Oracles and other service providers to ensure we are all ready by the Sept 8 target date to be able to support this change by meeting the upgraded node specs.

Please note that a previous proposal (#129) would have not given validators and node operators enough time for upgrades to be prepared for this change, and hence we will create another proposal targeted for voting around Sept 8th.


great to see Celo increasing throughput! excited to see usage growing in the future! :eyes:


The proposal to raise gas is coming online on Friday 9/1 and will be executed on or around 9/11. It is critical that your validators have the updated specs so your nodes don’t have downtime and get slashed.Readiness update:

  • ODIS signers: All ODIS signers have acknowledged upcoming changes
  • Infra partners: Etherscan, Infura, Quicknode, Lava, The Graph have ack’ed that they are/ will be ready by 9/8
  • Oracles: Redstone has ack’ed our message, and we have reached out to Chainlink
  • Exchanges: We have reached out to major exchanges
  • Custody providers: Anchorage, Bitmama, Coinbase have been contacted
  • CICOs: We are in the process of contacting CICOs

Please help us amplify our messaging if you have contacts that you can reach out to and recommend that they meet the new specs.
If you are already meeting or exceeding the requirements in the upgraded node specs, or even otherwise, take a moment to tell us at Celo Validator/ Proxy node requirements, if you haven’t already.


How about Fireblocks?

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Just pinged them, thanks for the note!


Hi all,
We are now live with the proposal - please take a look and don’t forget to vote!

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There are now 2 proposals #131 and #132 since there was an issue with the title change earlier on. So please ignore #131 and remember to vote on #132!

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Hi all,
Appreciate everyone’s patience with this proposal, and huge thanks for voting! We are now at 32M Block Gas Limit. :tada: :confetti_ball:

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