NORAM MessageBird Compliance [for Attestation Service Operators]

This is a copy of a Github discussion for ease of reference.

NORAM MessageBird Compliance

Hi attestation service operators,

As daluxx | StakesStone kindly highlighted on Discord, MessageBird recently sent out an email requesting attestation service operators submit a form to comply with new developments in the American and Canadian markets:

all toll-free messaging services must complete a mandatory compliance verification process. Numbers that are in use and unverified will need to complete verification prior to September 30, 2022.

In order for MessageBird to meet this deadline on behalf of our customers, we’re asking that you please submit your details to us as soon as possible.

What next?

We have pre-populated a short form for your convenience and left information that is specific to your attestation service blank.


  1. Download the short form we pre-populated and fill in the missing details marked with brackets […] (e.g. contact information and toll-free numbers)
  2. Submit a ticket to MessageBird Support Team with the completed form
  3. Submit your validator name in this Google Form so I can track who completed the MessageBird compliance form

Thank you and feel free to ping us with any questions!
The cLabs identity team