Attestation Protocol ("ASv1") Update

Dear Attestation Service operator (Validator) community

Attestations protocol (”ASv1”) update

As of today (Friday Nov 18):

  • Valora has fully transitioned to a model of centralised phone number verification (CPV) instead of using the existing attestation protocol (”ASv1”)
  • The update is live in all Valora apps with version >= 1.44.1
  • That means the attestation protocol (“ASv1”) is effectively receiving no traffic at this point in time
  • The last attestation was requested 7 days ago on Friday Nov 11

Next steps

Validators may continue running their attestation service until consensus is reached on the future of the existing attestation protocol (”ASv1”).

We plan to publish a forum post next week with more detailed considerations on this subject and an update on the re-designed attestation protocol (”ASv2”).

Thank you!

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Thanks for the update @0xarthurxyz.

What’s the launch schedule for ASv2? We would love to integrate.

Meanwhile we posted detailed update on ASv1: Attestation Dashboard And Analytics

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Update from Valora:

Dear Celo community, Valora would like to announce a new and improved phone verification experience that we hope will help us welcome more users into the community. As of November 17, we have transitioned fully off of ASv1 and to our new experience, with success rates surging from ~60% to 93% over the past days. We are particularly excited to introduce improvements to key markets where phone verification has been historically difficult, with success rates in Uganda and Nigeria now improving from 17% to 96%. In support of our mission of unlocking access to financial opportunity globally, these changes allow us to broaden access to Valora and provide a streamlined experience for all onboarding users.


That’s great news. As mentioned above, I’ll follow up with a more detailed forum post this week :white_check_mark: