Attestation Service v1.1.0 Updates

This forum post will highlight all the new changes happening in the Attestation Service and the timeline to upgrade your attestation service version for both Baklava and Celo Mainnet.

Attestation Service 1.0.5 ready for mainnet

Attestation Service 1.0.5 has been successfully tested in baklava and alfajores, and can be promoted to mainnet. If you have an opportunity to do the upgrade during the next few days, that would be great.

Alongside support for high availability setups and numerous other operational improvements, a new metric attestation_service_healthy tracks overall service health and simplifies alerting. Be sure to add monitoring for this!

Please also ensure the /get_attestations route is open, to support the client being able to retrieve delivery status information on their request.

Attestation Service 1.1.0 released for testnets

Attestation Service 1.1.0 has been released, and is ready for validators to deploy to baklava. While identical to 1.0.5 from an operational perspective, 1.1.0 adds support for sending SMSes containing random one-time security codes. The client can then pass these back to the service to recover the full signed attestation message. This will reduce friction for the onboarding flow for Valora and other wallets.

Attestations in Baklava

If you’re running a validator in baklava, please do configure an attestation signer and set up Attestation Service 1.1.0. It’s the perfect way of testing TLS.

An attestation bot is now running in baklava and generating load – every validator should see a few attestations every day. You can check stats on attestations requested and completed by looking at the Baklava Block Explorer, searching for your validator address, then switching to the “Celo Info” tab.

TLS For Attestation Service

You need to enable TLS for your Attestation Service due to Valora moving to only be able to use TLS-enabled Attestation Services. We have a guide to enable TLS Service here. Please enable it ASAP.

Timetable For Upcoming Changes

  • Now

    • (Optional) Upgrade mainnet Attestation Services to 1.0.5
    • Upgrade baklava validators to Attestation Service 1.1.0
  • Weds Nov 4

    • Target every Attestation Service in baklava running 1.1.0 and TLS
    • Attestation Service 1.1.0 qualified for promotion to mainnet
  • Mon Nov 16

    • Target every Attestation Service in mainnet running 1.1.0 and TLS
  • Mov Nov 23

    • Valora begins to test removing support for non-TLS Attestation Services
    • Valora deploys verifications via security code