Attestation Service v1.2.0: MessageBird, 8 Digit Codes, and More

cLabs is excited to announce the new release of Attestation Service, version 1.2.0!

We have several cool new features in it as shown in our release notes, and we will cover some of the cool stuff here in this forum post.


We are excited to add support for MessageBird as one of the SMS providers alongside Twilio and Nexmo. MessageBird has shown better performance in some areas like Ghana where there was high traffic. We recommend adding Message Bird for your attestation service. We can provide more data and recommendations over time as we monitor performance with MessageBird. More information is in the release notes.

Other Features

  • We now have fully authenticated support for 8-digit security codes which is an improvement for the end users.

  • We also added SMS_PROVIDERS_RANDOMIZED configuration which allows randomizing provider used for an incoming attestation request.

  • We have a MAX_AGE_LATEST_BLOCK_SECS configuration so that the maximum age of latest block is configurable. It helps with an issue with slow blocks as seen in Baklava.

Also, due to the new governance proposals (CGP-15) that was submitted to extend the attestation expiry to 1 day, we recommend changing the following settings on your MAX_REREQUEST_MINS and DB_RECORD_EXPIRY_MINS to 1440.

Please go ahead and update to the v1.2.0 of Attestation Service and let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues here on this post or in Discord.


The cLabs Team

There is a typo in MAX_REREQUESTS_MINS. The docs and repository refer to this variable like this MAX_REREQUEST_MINS.
Please update the post, when you have the time.

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