MessageBird to Your Attestation Service

Hi Validators,

We have been monitoring success rates of attestation services among providers and countries and have some new insights. There are several regions where MessageBird is performing significantly better than alternative SMS providers, one being Brazil which is our current highest usage country.

We strongly encourage you to add MessageBird SMS support. Currently, we have 43% of attestation services with MessageBird, and we believe 100% would improve the network verification rates.

The protocol distributes attestation fees to completed requests, so configuring the service for optimal delivery success can increase earnings.

We also recommend the following configurations:

  1. For general SMS_PROVIDERS list Nexmo last. Generally, Twilio and Messagebird can be interchangeable given close overall success rates. You can optionally decide to keep Nexmo as a final backup, but given its generally lower associated success rates we do not recommend it as a primary service.

  2. We recommend the following order for country specifics configurations based on substantially improved rates of one provider over the others (this will override any randomization setting).







(Note Nexmo is recommended to be omitted for some of these country configurations)

  1. SMS_PROVIDERS_RANDOMIZED is optional at this point. It helps us make continued unbiased decisions around provider performance, but we would only recommend enabling it if you do not have the Nexmo provider in your provider pool at this time.

Please do confirm with us when you have set up MessageBird, we appreciate everything you do to keep the Celo network secure.

Thank you,

The Celo Foundation