[Multisig] Native Safe launch (migration guidance)

Native Safe launch (migration guidance)

Hi all :wave:

Today, Fri, Apr 21 we are excited (!) to announce the launch of native Celo Mainnet support on Safe Global at app.safe.global.

This launch provides builders and users on Celo Mainnet with:

  1. Access to Safe’s latest features when they are released,
  2. Native mobile support on iOS and Android through the official Safe apps
  3. Ethereum-level parity with Safe developer tools, and
  4. Dedicated security from Safe’s battle-tested infrastructure that protects billions in value on Ethereum

What does this mean for users?

1. All existing features on Celo Safe will continue to work on Safe Global

Existing Celo Safe users on Celo Mainnet (at safe.celo.org and old-safe.celo.org) can continue to manage their safes via the official Safe {wallet} apps:

Simply follow the instructions to:

  1. add an existing Safe on the web
  2. add an existing Safe on mobile (iOS and Android)

For example, in the screenshot below, I can manage my existing safe (0x59…cOC) on Celo Mainnet by adding it on app.safe.global.


2. The latest features on Safe Global will not work with all existing safes

Unfortunately, not all safes created on Celo Safe are compatible with the latest features available via the official Safe {wallet} apps.

If your existing safe is not compatible with the latest features on Safe Global you will see a red warning message in the top-right corner of you browser window when adding your safe to app.safe.global.


All features you know from Celo Safe should continue to work on Safe Global, but if you would like to use a new and unfortunately incompatible feature, we recommend you:

  1. Create a new safe at app.safe.global, and

  2. Transfer your assets into the new safe at app.safe.global.

Your new safe will have access to all the latest features in the Safe {wallet} apps.

Note: We recommend you make a small test transaction before making large transfers to ensure all settings are entered correctly.

What does this mean technically speaking?

The Celo ecosystem has long seen the tremendous value of the Safe project. Enough that the official Safe team and cLabs coordinated to deploy a forked version of the Safe app with Celo support until the Safe team had enough bandwidth to support Celo natively.

Specifically, cLabs and Safe collaborated to:

  1. deploy Safe’s audited Ethereum smart contracts on Celo in 2021, and
  2. add Celo compatibility to the various forked repositories that make up Safe.

cLabs hosted the forked version under the name “Celo Safe” at safe.celo.org.

Under the hood, Celo Safe has always used Safe’s audited Ethereum smart contracts deployed by the Safe Global team on Celo in 2021. However, since Celo Safe was made from forks of the various Safe codebases there would always be a delay for Celo Safe to support the newest Safe versions. With official Safe support, users will now have access to the latest updates and features as the Safe team makes them available.

Future of Celo Safe

We are not planning to sunset the forked version under the name “Celo Safe” (at safe.celo.org or old-safe.celo.org) in the near future.

This is because:

  • Celo Safe supports both Celo Mainnet and Alfajores Testnet, whereas
  • Safe Global only supports Celo Mainnet, but not Alfajores Testnet


  • If you use safes on Celo Mainnet: We highly encourage you to manage your safes via Safe Global at app.safe.global.
  • If you use safes on Alfajores Testnet: We recommend you continue managing your safes via Celo Safe at safe.celo.org and fill out this (optional) short survey.

Below is a short overview to help you compare Safe Global and Celo Safe.

Safe Global Celo Safe
Celo Mainnet :white_check_mark: (recommended :sparkles:) :white_check_mark:
Alfajores Testnet :x: :white_check_mark: (recommended :sparkles:)
iOS/Android support :white_check_mark: :x:
API support :white_check_mark: :x:
Latest features :white_check_mark: :x:

Other questions?

If you are an existing Celo Safe user and need support, please comment on the forum post below or reach out to devrel@celo.org if you have a particularly sensitive issue.

If you are a new safe user on Safe Global and need support, please refer to Safe Global’s official support section at help.safe.global.

As always, all comments and reflections welcome! :pray:


I love this…!

One thing I noticed was that on the official Safe Global UI, it’s missing Safe Apps for Uni, Ube, and Curve that the forked UI has. Is there a timeline as to when they will be shipped?

Great point, thanks for the feedback @tkwoncelo!
We’ll work with the Safe team to add those apps as soon as possible!

In the mean time, you could add missing apps as a “custom apps” at Safe{Wallet} – Custom Safe Apps by following these instructions: https://help.safe.global/en/articles/4022030-add-a-custom-safe-app.

I had a look and was able to add:

  • Curve, using the following URL: https://curve.fi
  • Uniswap, using the following URL: https://app.uniswap.org

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to add Ubeswap with: https://app.ubeswap.org/.


An important milestone for DAO tooling in the Celo community!


Hey friends. I was trying to initiate a transaction from our Celo Safe, and noticed that there is a bug with the values.

Plus, I was able to login with Wallet Connect through Valora in the SafeWallet interface, but not on the CeloSafe interface. Any idea why?

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This is great! Much nicer than having different Safe UIs depending on the network.

However, we had a problem creating a new transaction for our Celo safe on app.safe.global:

The Safe SDK could not be initialized. Please be aware that we only support v1.0.0 Safe Accounts and up.

Any ideas? I can share the address by email if necessary.

I’ve also been having issues - had to revert to using the old Safe fork to even get transactions to work.

Thanks @edlovecrypto, @aspiers and @tkwoncelo for reporting the issues!

I have shared this feedback with the Safe team and they will respond directly with guidance here.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!

Hey @edlovecrypto @aspiers @tkwoncelo - pls create an issue here and include your safe addresses + overview of issue, so we can test and reproduce + fix. I believe you’re using an unsupported contract version but lets find out Issues · safe-global/safe-wallet-web · GitHub

Hey friends. On my end, I AM being able to manage our Assets in the safe through the SAFE main interface. So, If you want to improve the Celo Safe interface, I can write the report. But If It is only for me, no worries, ok?

Please, let me know.


(for future reference)

The Safe team we have a dedicated intercom service with 24/7 support available at: help.safe.global

Hi @edlovecrypto, thanks for reporting.

I was able to login with Wallet Connect through Valora in the SafeWallet interface, but not on the CeloSafe interface.

In general, we recommend you use the Safe Wallet interface instead of the Celo Safe interface (see guidance I shared below):

We are not currently prioritising feature development on Celo Safe.
Hope that makes sense!