Q1 2023 Developer Tooling Roadmap

Hello Celo devs :wave:


Last week, we published our 2023 roadmap (“The Next Chapter: Introducing Celo 2.0 | by cLabs”) and with that we shared our commitment to providing a top-tier developer experience on Celo.

:point_right: This is a short post on what you can expect from us in the next months.

For a quick recap on what we did to date, take a look at my developer experience update:

WalletConnect v2 support in react-celo

If you are a wallet or dapp developer, you will undoubtedly have heard of WalletConnect.
Last year, the WalletConnect team:

  • released WalletConnect v2 in production,
  • announced the sunsetting of WalletConnect v1, and
  • shared a plan to migrate from v1 → v2

In line with the official dapp migration timeline, we’re releasing a major version of react-celo with WalletConnect v2 support:

  • in beta by Thursday, February 9, and
  • in production by Wednesday, February 15.

Native foundry support for Celo

Many of you asked for native Celo support in Foundry. This is one of our top priorities and we are investigating how to add Celo pre-compiles natively.

Thanks @douglasqian for kindly pointing us to this Github discussion! :yellow_heart:

Standalone faucet page (faucet.celo.org)

Instead of navigating the Celo website to request testnet tokens at celo.org/developers/faucet, we’re making a simple page at faucet.celo.org so you always know where to go to fund your testnet accounts.

Native wagmi support for Celo

Wagmi is a popular library with 20+ React hooks containing everything you need to start working in web3. Yours truly @aaronmgdr made a small PR to add native support for Celo :rocket:

What next? :wave:

Improving your developer experience on Celo continues to be my top priority!

Stay tuned for more updates on both the blog and forum. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we learn more and start building.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Please share them below or ping me on Discord. :pray:


:sparkles: Status update

Brief update on the cLabs eng team’s progress so far.

:white_check_mark: Add Celo natively in WAGMI

:white_check_mark: Adds Celo natively in UseDapp

:white_check_mark: Start a conversation with ricmoo (maintainer of EthersJS)

To support Celo’s custom gas fee currency feature in EthersJS natively by adding a new transaction type.