[Release] react-celo v5.0.1 (WalletConnect v2 support)

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Hey there! Following WalletConnect’s guideline to have dapps migrate to their V2, we have released a version with WCv2 implemented. It’s released as 5.0.1 on npm.

You may have noticed it’s a major release, it’s because it will not work with WalletConnect v1 anymore. Additionally, there is now a mandatory option in the dapp property.

Upgrade path:

      name: 'your dapp name',
      description: 'A great dapp description',
      url: 'https://example.com',
      icon: 'https://example.com/img',
+     walletConnectProjectId: 'Your WalletConnect project ID',

If you don’t have a project ID yet, create one here: https://cloud.walletconnect.com