Celo-blockchain v1.2.0 Release

NOTE: Please use the new 1.2.2-stable version for Mainnet. Do not install the 1.2.0 version for mainnet. Follow the information on 1.2.2-stable here

Version 1.2.0 of celo-blockchain is finally here and it has some exciting and much needed changes added!

Multiproxy and key hotswapping has been included in this new release along with upstream changes from geth. There are also some backward incompatible changes and some new command line arguments added while others are being depreciated.

Furthermore, new RPC endpoints have been added!

Curious? Read on for a quick summary of changes. If you need to learn more about the changes, the release notes are the best place for that.

Things to keep in mind that are very important:

  • For using multiproxy, please refer to the multiproxy docs here.

  • Communication between validator and proxies in 1.2.0 is NOT backward compatible. Both proxy and validator need to be upgraded to 1.2.0.

  • Validators and proxies using 1.2.0 are still compatible with remote nodes running previous versions.

  • Please keep in mind that if you’re upgrading from a version pre-1.1.0 to check release notes as the geth init step and bootnodes have been removed.

  • --ethstats is being depreciated for the more accurate --celostats

  • –proxy.proxyenodeurl is being deprecated in favor of --proxy.proxyenodeurls since this release includes multiproxies

  • –istanbul.replica has been added. Please refer to hotswap docs here.

There are also lot’s of geth RPC management additions, please check the release notes for the complete list here.

Timeline for Docker Image Release Rollout

November 4: Baklava Image Release

November 11: Alfajores Image Release

November 18: Mainnet Image Release

If you have any questions, please contact me at yaz@clabs.co or message me on Discord at @yaz. The team is also available on Discord in the #validators channel to answer any questions you may have.

link to multiproxy is not working anymore. it’s also mentioned in 1.2.0 release notes and also is broken

Hi @AGx10000 thanks for reporting this, we made a fix and it’s available now. Hope that helps.

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