Version 1.2.3 Release of Celo-blockchain

UPDATE: We Reccomend not using this version due to a potential panic. Update to v1.2.4 instead. More information here.

We want to announce a new version of celo-blockchain.

Celo-blockchain v1.2.3 and v1.1.3 have been released, with a security patch:

If you have already upgraded to v1.2.3 earlier this week using the docker image tag 6a954613ad09d4bfdc0d2d8dc5578cf326f158d4, you need not take any further action, as it is the same docker image. If you haven’t, please upgrade to v1.2.3.

This update is a security patch release that fixes bugs in the transaction pool logic. The bugs in question could lead to transactions getting stuck in the txpool when they should be removed, which could be exploited in a DoS attack.

Read more in the release notes here.


The cLabs Team