Celo Blockchain v1.4.0-stable Release

The cLabs blockchain team would like to announce the release of celo-blockchain v1.4.0-stable which is the first Mainnet release since 1.3.2-stable release.

This new release includes lots of new changes and improvements and merges from go-ethereum version 1.9.14 to 1.9.19. You can refer to those Geth version release notes for a list of all included features.

More notable changes are:

  • Refactor on the websocket and https servers that restricts the path where socket connection can be established to root. Be aware of this change that could break any client connecting using websockets if the connection is not established with /.
  • A fix on the calculation of dial ratio and the max dialed connections limit, that can affect the number of other peers connected to the node.

This version is an optional version upgrade for Validators. It is also a transition release in preparation for the Espresso Hard Fork.

Release notes can be found here.

The cLabs team


Thanks for the heads-up!