[Multisig] Celo Safe (re)launch

Hey there, ty for the answer.

What I’m missing with your link are requests like

More specifically, we need access to sth like

  • POST /v1/safes/{address}/multisig-transactions/
  • POST /v1/safes/{address}/multisig-transactions/estimations/

In my original post [Multisig] Celo Safe (re)launch - #23 by owl_dev, I linked the Mainnet Gnosis Safe Swagger UI link, and they do have those endpoints.

Hi, congrats on the upgrade.
Any specific reason why the “Contract Interaction” option is not available in this new version?
Now the only options available to me are “Send Tokens” and “Send NFTs”

PS: I tried attaching a screenshot but it won’t let me.

Asked you a follow up on Github: Bug: Transaction error relating to not showing gas estimate · Issue #4 · celo-org/web-core · GitHub

Hi :wave: Good question, we are tracking this issue here: Bug: Contract interaction mission#55

We forked the latest version of the Gnosis SAFE. That means, what safe.celo.org supports is what the latest version at app.safe.global supports.

That being said @nicolasbrugneaux, pulled some upstream changes. It’s possible contract interaction will be included there.

Please feel free to follow up in the Github issue (Bug: Contract interaction mission#55) so we can track all things “contract interaction” there going forward.


thanks for the update. I followed up in the github issue mentioned. Cheers

Hello, I think the base URL you’re looking for is:


You will not see the the documentation in the root because we haven’t configured statics yet, but it should be essentially the same as the one you see in https://safe-transaction-mainnet.safe.global/ 1.

Hope that solves the issue!

:sparkles: Brief Update: Contract Interaction feature now available

Thanks for all the feedback on the missing contract interaction feature. We heard you loud and clear!
We’re happy to share this feature is now available in Celo Safe (see screenshot).

If you run into any bugs or issues while using it, please let us know below!
As usual all comments and reflections welcome :pray:


I have been wrapping my head for the past few days to use an API endpoint to propose transactions to Celo Safe and once it is there, querying its status using the Celo Safe API. I was able to do this for Gnosis, but could someone help me with relevant docs for Celo Safe?

What I have discovered so far:

  1. I was able to create a new transaction on New Celo Safe UI
  2. I tried to create a new transaction on Old Celo Safe UI but it did not show up. It also removed the transaction that was there on the New Safe.
  3. I created another transaction (Safe – Transaction details) on the New UI and once it got executed, it was stuck on Indexing for a long time. So I tried to refresh and post that, the transaction did not show up anywhere anymore. When I tried to use the API endpoint that @nicolasbrugneaux mentioned some messages above, I got to know that the transaction status was cancelled.

I am really confused. Could someone please point to some documentation that could be of some help?

Lots of CORS errors on old safe. Can you please add all the new domains to the Allowed Origins header responses on forno etc?

Transactions are never showing up after submission etc, lots of discrepancies between blockchain and what’s displayed, nonce management and conflicts all the time having issues.

Thanks for sharing @Thylacine. Is there any reason you continue to use the old Celo Safe UI instead of the new Celo Safe beta UI?

Thanks for the detailed write up @richikchanda1999!

I tried to create a new transaction on Old Celo Safe UI but it did not show up.

I would avoid using the old Celo Safe. We kept the UI and indexer running in case users run into major issues while transitioning to the new Celo Safe beta, but we are not currently planning to ship any fixes on the old Celo Safe.

I created another transaction (Safe – Transaction details ) on the New UI and once it got executed, it was stuck on Indexing for a long time

I’m sorry to hear that :frowning: To be fully transparent, we’ve had some trouble with odd edge cases in the indexer that led to transactions not showing up in the UI for a while. We managed to patch most of the slow indexing issues folks like you shared in this thread, but it’s possible your use case via the API is a scenario we haven’t covered.

We’re in talks with the SAFE team regarding native Celo support in the official app.safe.global UI, so I’m hesitant to commit to fixing this issue at this point.

To help me prioritise, it would be handy if you could share more context on your use case:

  • Is using the API endpoint very important for you? If so, why?
  • Is there possibly another way you could temporarily use Celo Safe without the API?

Again, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble using the Celo Safe API and I really appreciate your patience.

Thanks for the response @0xarthurxyz.

We at Questbook help domains like Climate Collective run and manage their grant program on our tool.
The specific reason why we need the Celo Safe API to work is to do the following:

  1. Initiate the transaction from our website using the API
  2. Once the transaction is executed, fetch its status using the safe transaction hash and display.

Would be helpful if the API endpoint could be fixed for the above use cases.

I didn’t think they were compatible, since the Safe I’m accessing was created before the upgrade. Are they fully backwards compatible and I should just use the new interface?

@0xarthurxyz do you have any timeline on the Safe integration with native Celo support? We’re trying to also enable communities on our platform to trigger payments on Celo Safe

Yes Safes are backwards compatible. Here is what I shared in the initial post (sorry if that wasn’t clear!)

Hey @andywong418 and @richikchanda1999, I’m sorry for the delayed response here!
I couldn’t share anything specific until recently. Really sorry about that.

Celo and Safe are working on native Celo support in the near future.
I’ll be able to confirm more details in the next week or two to help you plan accordingly.
Hang tight!

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@0xarthurxyz What is the significance of the “beta” label for Celo Safe? As a business owner, this indicates I should not risk putting any assets in it, since it comes with a still-current warning.

Would you still consider Celo Safe in beta?
Would you say it’s safe to use for enterprise? Why/why not?
Even though it’s been forked, does it have an audit for the currently deployed version(s)?
If it’s still considered a beta that requires a warning - what is the plan to get into a production-ready release?

Hey @Thylacine great questions.

Re: “beta”

Yes. Technically speaking, the basic multisig features accessible via the UI are well supported, but there are some known bugs and a lack of documentation for the Celo Safe API that we haven’t addressed for the reasons below.

For that reason I would still consider Celo Safe in “beta”.

The “beta” label was assigned during the (re)launch to give us time to collect bugs and feedback from the community in this forum post and elsewhere.

The plan was to keep it in beta for 3-6 months while we address any bugs and remove the label when we consider the deployment “production grade”.

Re: production-ready release

I agree, thanks for reminding us.The deployment to “production” has been deprioritised because:

  1. we are working with Safe global to add native support for Celo in their official apps (I can’t speak to any dates publicly today, but please hang tight, very soon™)
  2. I wanted to avoid confusing Celo Safe users with too many messages such as “Celo Safe is now in production” and shortly after “Safe is now supported in the official Safe global app”.

Re: enterprise use

It depends:

  • Yes, if you use Celo Safe via the UI (Climate Collective and other larger entities are managing their treasuries that way)
  • No, if you use Celo Safe via the API

Re: audit

Yes, the contracts on Celo are the official Safe smart contracts so they inherit the security guarantees and audits performed by the official Safe Global team.

The contracts were deploy on Celo by the Safe Global team itself. You can see the official contract addresses for Celo were added to safe-global/safe-deployments in this PR:

All contracts were verified using sourcify (screenshot from PR discussion by official Safe team)

You can find all contract addresses in the PR above. For example: GnosisSafeProxyFactory at 0xC22834581EbC8527d974F8a1c97E1bEA4EF910BC)

Next steps

I can’t speak to any dates today, but please hang tight. I will update you here regarding native support in the next week. I’ve got you :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

:sparkles: Update: Safe officially supports Celo natively :sparkles:

After many months of preparation, I’m happy to share that (:drum::drum::drum::drum:) Safe officially supports Celo natively :partying_face: :tada:

Check it out in the official Safe apps on the web (app.safe.global) or on mobile (iOS and Android).

Next steps

I give more context on the launch in this forum post: [Multisig] Native Safe launch (migration guidance)

I cover:

As always, all comments and reflections welcome! :pray:


Great thanks @0xarthurxyz for keeping this thread notified. Switching over to (main) Safe!

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