Milestone Kickoff: Identity Team 🔖 [Aug-Sep]

Hi all, we are the identity team at cLabs: Eela, @isabelle, @Alec and me :wave:

Last Wednesday (August 24) we began a new ~6 week milestone, which will take us to Wed, September 28. With this post, we’d like to share some of our current priorities and associated deliverables.

Overall, our main priority continues to be launching the new federated attestations protocol (”ASv2”) in parallel to the existing validator-run attestation protocol (”ASv1”). You can read more about the new protocol design and motivation in CIP51: Federated Attestations Protocol.

Our specific goals for the 6 weeks are to:

  1. Complete the OdisPayments.sol smart contract audit process (incl. responses from auditors)

    This matters because because the OdisPayments.sol contract will be launched with the Core Contracts 8 Release. The OdisPayments.sol contract is important because it is used to rate-limit ODIS and prevent attacks against it. Overall, ODIS is important for the functioning and security of ASv2, so getting the contract audited is important for our ASv2 launch.

  2. Publish CGP62 for voting

    This matters because the smart contracts that enable the ASv2 launch (incl. (FederatedAttestations.sol, Escrow.sol, OdisPayments.sol) will be managed by Governance as Celo Core Contracts and therefore require a governance vote to be released. CGP62 (currently in draft) essentially proposes the new Core Contracts Release 8.

  3. Merge ODIS v2.0.0 refactor branch to master

    This matters because the ODIS 2.0.0 refactor is a very large PR with ~10k+ new lines (at the moment). As mentioned above, ODIS is important for the functioning and security of ASv2, so getting the code changes reviewed and tested thoroughly matters a lot of for the ASv2 launch.

  4. Collect feedback from early ASv2 adopters on our proposed user flows

    This matters because ultimately we are here to serve our users (in this case early ASv2 adopters) and our proposed user flows are only as good as they are at solving our users’ discovery problems.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. We greatly appreciate any feedback you might provide, whether good or bad, we are here to listen to you. Feel free to respond below however small or big your message might be! Thanks in advance :pray:

Also feel free to respond below if you are interested in participating in our ASv2 private beta release :rocket:


Hi all :wave: Our recent ~6 week milestone is now completed and we are following up to share what we accomplished and learnt.

Our goals for the past weeks were:

:white_check_mark: The engineering team completed the smart contract security audit with Verilog Solutions.
You can find the audit report here.

:white_check_mark: Celo Core Contracts Release 8 (CGP 62) is on-chain in the governance upvoting stage. You can see the latest status here:

:yellow_circle: The engineering team managed to close an amazing 10 of the 19 tickets (:partying_face:!) required to merge PR#9693 “ODIS 2.0.0” to the master branch.

The remaining 9 tickets are due to our underestimation of the remaining work load, and not the team’s velocity. On the contrary, the team’s velocity has been impressive. Specifically they:

Though note that we take additions/deletions with a pinch of salt! :salt:

:white_check_mark: We received feedback from Valora and Node during the last Celo Wallet and (d)App Council #15 [September]. You can find the feedback in the Github meeting notes.

As always, all comments and reflections welcome!

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You can follow us in the next milestone below: