Milestone 3 Kickoff: Identity Team🔖 [Oct-Nov]

Hi all, we are the identity team at cLabs: Eela, @isabelle, @jsawa (:partying_face:), @Alec and me :wave:
For the next milestone we’re joined by @jsawa (:raised_hands:) who is helping the engineering team run beta tests in the community and prepare for public adoption.

Milestone 3 began last Wednesday, October 5 and is running for 4 weeks until Wednesday, November 9.
With this post, we’d like to share some of our current priorities and associated deliverables.

Overall, our main priority continues to be launching the new federated attestations protocol (”ASv2”). You can read more about the new protocol design and motivation in CIP51: Federated Attestations Protocol.

Our specific goals for milestone 3 are:

  1. Merge ODIS v2.0.0 refactor branch to master
    This matters because the ODIS 2.0.0 refactor is a very large PR with ~10k+ new lines (at the moment). As mentioned above, ODIS is important for the functioning and security of ASv2, so getting the code changes reviewed and tested thoroughly matters a lot of for the ASv2 launch.

  2. Deploy ODIS v2.0.0 to mainnet
    This matters for the same reasons mentioned above. It’s essentially the next step after merging the development branch to the master in celo-org/celo-monorepo.

  3. Publish basic script/tutorial for ASv2 beta testing
    This matters because as the contracts are now on Alfajores and Mainnet (:partying_face:!), the engineering team is thinking about documentation and the types of resources users would like. To avoid making decisions that don’t align with how users would like to use the product in the end, we are running (lightweight) beta tests to collect feedback. We’re providing simple scripts/tutorials (celo-org/identity/asv2), and using Discord groups we leverage the tester’s brief/lightweight experience using ASv2 to inform which gaps we need to fill.

  4. Release minimal ASv2 wrappers (specifically ODIS quota and smart contract wrappers)
    This matters because it will make it a lot more convenient to use ASv2 in production. We’re intentionally keeping the SDK part lightweight (for now), to learn about specific needs in the ASv2 testing above.

  5. Governance Proposal 71: “Core Contracts Release 8” passed on Mainnet
    This matters because the smart contracts are already deployed on Alfajores (testnet) and Mainnet. This proposal adds them to the community governed Celo Core Contracts. You can see the latest status on the vote here: :ballot_box:

  6. ASv2 contracts are verified on the Celo Explorer on Alfajores and Mainnet
    This matters because adopters of ASv2 will typically search for the contracts in the explorer to see if transactions went through as expected.

As always, all comments and reflections welcome!

Also feel free to respond below if you are interested in participating in our ASv2 beta test. We’d love to speak to you! :rocket: