LatAm W3 DAO Proposal

Hi all! Updating the above in view of the feedback you all thoughtfully provided.

What did we do: Became sharper on deliverables / shifted events money to community collabs / lowered dramatically the social media $ allocation and focused on nurturing Ambassador initiatives!

Hi All! For those who don’t know me yet my name is Mila Rioja, I lead the LatAm ecosystem at Celo Foundation. In an effort to grow the ecosystem in a collaborative fashion, welcoming the community feedback and active participation on different initiatives, we would like to invite you to build this project with myself and other community members, initially by giving your feedback on the below and later by engaging in the proposed initiatives and activities.


Bring to life next gen of dApps on Celo, and contribute with the community in projects towards raising awareness about the Celo protocol and increase its adoption, grow the Celo community with initiatives in the most used languages in LatAm (Portuguese and Spanish!),

Celo has one of the most global communities in crypto. In order to further expand decentralization and the localization of the protocol in different regions and cultures, we must empower local communities to lead local growth. Decision power and initiatives must be shifted to folks on the ground who are the most equipped to collab and achieve a grassroots approach that will benefit the growth of Celo and its community.

Amount Requested

$500k worth of CELO

Areas of Focus

  1. Accelerating Growth: Web3 Venture Builder (Solution Design + Project Development and Shipping + Capital)

Create a Web3 Venture Studio to launch the next gen of Web3 initiatives by: (i) helping expressive Web2 companies launch on Celo and (ii) nurturing native web3 initiatives.

Budget Ask: $280,000

  • Technical Support (encompasses tech development and business support)
    • Technical Support: 300 hours / Average professional hour at $80
    • Extras (e.g. back office/operations) $40,000

Success Metrics:

  • 8 Web3 Dev Studio Participants across the region
  • 100% Project Conversion Rate to Celo
  • Transaction volume >$500M after 1 year
  1. Collabs for Awareness, Education and Hackathons**

Help onboard new community members and developers, and guide them through the ecosystem, by collaborating with ecosystem founders and partners, doing Hackathons, meetups and other learning initiatives.

Budget Ask: $120,000

We are looking to accomplish at least 12 initiatives around the next year (6 in portuguese and 6 in spanish). Ecosystem partners must submit their proposals for such and the total budget will be allocated to them. We will co-organize the initiative together and report to the community.

  1. Content Creation: Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning with Ambassadors**

Build our community locally and on the ground. This includes translation of ecosystem news into local languages. Hosting Twitter spaces and local AMAs. Educating the community on projects in the ecosystem and programs and hosting meetups (in connection with Focus Areas number #1 and 2 above).

Budget Ask: $50,000

Description Cost
Content Creation/Moderation/Influencers $45.000
Promos/Swags/Paid Ads $5.000
  • Success Metrics
    • 2 Twitter Spaces per Week
    • 2 Instagram Lives per week
    • 4 Social media posts (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) per Week
    • Ongoing management of local communication channels

Transparency & Progress

We commit to posting monthly updates on our progress. We plan to measure success by developing a set of reports that we will share quarterly tracking the progress of:

  • N. Community Development Over Time
  • N. Active Developers over time
  • N. Projects submitted in the end of the hackathon

Reports will be shared in the forum.

Useful Links

  • Twitte/.Instagram ( @celo_esp)
  • Telegram (Celo Espanol / Celo Portugues)

Structure & Mult-Sig

Role Name Multisig
Developer Relations Alessandro Milagres [TBD]
Events, Marketing & Social Cristobal Pereira [TBD]
Martina Mendoza [TBD]
Gabriel Ribenboin [TBD]
Sebastian Rodríguez-Larrain [TBD]
Giovana Simão [TBD]
Business Development Mila Rioja [TBD]
Santiago Mora [TBD]

Extras: ($50,000)

  1. Tooling
  1. Legal review of structure, compliance and due diligence
  • In case another structure needs to be implemented due to legal review we will discuss with the community.
  1. Compensation
  • Equivalent $100 worth of CELO per Hour, expectation is 5-10 hours per month
  • Between 7-10% of overall budget will go towards compensation
  • Regional Eco Leads will waive (not receive any) compensation from this money as long as part of the Foundation.


  • Forum posts with feedback request prior to initiatives
  • Forum posts with updates
  • Social media posts
  • Quarter reports
  • Open work on Discord channel

Get to know our talent, and what we bring to the Celo Ecosystem!

Martina Mendoza - Community builder, networker, focus on using blockchain to innovate with impact. Building @ wooy

Camila Rioja - I drive vision and strategy to accomplish goals and onboard the next billion users

Gabriel Ribenboin - Changemaker focused on innovative finance towards a fairer and more regenerative economy.

Cristobal Pereira - Teaching and mentorship experience, to help others build the solutions that Latin America needs.

Santiago Mora - Entrepreneur creating financial services through efficient and accessible solutions for businesses and consumers alike. Bringing the gap between web3 and the the rest of the world.

Alessandro Milagres - A geek in love with building things

Giovana Simão - I onboard woman into web3.