Kuneco Townhall Agenda Suggestions

Kuneco, means “togetherness” in Esperanto, is the Celo Community Townhall where we gather to discuss the most important topics affecting our community and ecosystem, celebrate wins toward our mission, and uplift community voices.

This post is dedicated to community suggested topic ideas for future Kuneco Townhall calls. If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to discuss you have two options to submit your idea whether you’d like to be public or remain anonymous:

  1. We have created a form that you can fill out with or without your contact information to suggest a topic for an upcoming call. :arrow_right: Fill out suggestion form
  2. We will keep this post as a rolling idea doc, if you have a topic you want to share publicly, simply post a comment in response to this post below :arrow_down:

We will be collecting ideas for review last 2 weeks of every month in order to post the agenda for each call 2 weeks ahead of time. But we know that we are in a fast paced and ever evolving industry, so we will be checking the suggested topics on a rolling basis.

You can read more about the evolution of Kuneco Townhall here to learn about what types of topics we are looking to discuss on this call.

We are looking forward to getting together at the next Kuneco!

Anna & Daniel

Community Development Team

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Hi Anna thanks for this initiative and super excited to see that Kuneco is back!

I would like to ask if it’s possible to invite someone from Chainlink to talk about the status of the Celo integration. This is definitely the most asked question on Telegram and Discord and our community deserves an update on this since is also blocking the deployment of other important protocols on Celo.

Secondly, I would like to ask if is possible to have a word or two from Rene or someone of the Foundation about these two topics:



In regards to the Block article, I saw on Twitter the answer from Rene.


Hi Anna and Daniel.

Maybe would be great if you add a space to discuss about the $cCOP proposal and the possible UseCases, and benefits for Celo to have this new StableCoin.

I think should be the best space to share this idea with all the Celo Community.

Thanks. :pray:


That’s a great idea @juancamp1987! Is this something you think you’d like to present on next call in December?


I suggest he presents on this same call if possible. @juancamp1987 introduced the proposal some months ago.


There’s unfortunately no time on this month’s agenda but we can have this topic at the next call.


I can present it when you have the space in the agenda.
The proposal was made time ago and discussed.
Also we have discussed the topic in some IRL events in Colombia :colombia:, last time was during ETHMedellin in company with @MilaRioja

Also in CeloConnect San Francisco I discussed the topic with some of the crew like @tim @Xochitl @nraghuveera @marek


Hey all! Can we get some time to invite the top projects from Build with Celo hackathon to give a 1-2 minutes pitch for 5 projects? We’d then open up for a Celo community prize vote!



We’re from Vodafone, and been engaging with Celo for about year discussing different potential projects we could embark together on. Finally, after a lot of ground work (sorry, things are kinda slow in corporate ecosystems), we have a breakthrough!

Our goal is to build a partnership with Celo and create a bridge between Celo and our B2B Digital Asset Broker network (https://www.vdigitalassetbroker.com/), aka DAB.

DAB is essentially empowering any “thing” to be able to transact, i.e. it can receive and make payments. So imagine your coffee machine can make payments (ordering new coffee beans) and charge payments (if your roommates drink more than 3 cups a day, you charge them $1 per cup hehe)…

On top of this, we will be originating digital assets on the DAB network, but wouldn’t it be great if we can bridge this asset into public chains like Celo… and any assets from Celo could also bridge into DAB, etc.

That’s kind of the rough idea of what we’re building.
Essentially we are building trusted web3 infrastructure for Things (and People’s Things!!)
Right now, companies like Visa and Mastercard can’t handle those kinds of micropayments, but blockchain can, so that’s why we want to work with public chain protocols for this.

Just want to thank Julia Carbajal, Joaquin Hernandez and Kevin Tharayil for supporting us on this journey and helping us get to this point!

Really excited to be part of the Celo ecosystem, and hope we can contribute and support Celo’s growth.

If this is an interesting topic for the community, would be really happy to introduce our project and the partnership with Celo at the Kuneco!


Welcome Adi! Exciting to see you here. Looking forward to working closely with your team!


Welcome @adi. Exciting to see this come along <3


Hi Anna,

This would be for a call in January.

I’ve just wrapped up on over a year of creating content for Celo on Youtube and Tiktok where views reached over 2 Million. If anyone is interested in learning how to replicate my project, I have a reference guide & I will happily cover it.



Hi @lizendary, would love to have you join us in January and talk about your work! I’ll connect via email and get some time on the agenda for you. Looking forward to it, I think it will be very interesting and beneficial for anyone who wants to create content.

Hi all,

Rachel from GoodGhosting - we have a bunch of new features that are launching and it would be great to have a spot on Kuneco. I can also give an update from our Governance v2 programe.


Amazing! @RachBLondon I’ll reach out directly to coordinate with you for next call!

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Hey Anna

I want to present Obvious at the Celo Townhall

Can you pls let me know if it is possible?

We are mobile-first self-custody wallet and support Celo chain


Hi @aayushmittal13 could you please send me an email danie.olarte@celo.org or submit your request on this form so I can get your details and send you an invitation to speak at the next Kuneco.

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Hello @olarte

I filled the form, waiting on more details from you