Kuneco Community Townhall - November 11, 2022

Kuneco, means “togetherness” in Esperanto, is the Celo Community Townhall where we gather to discuss the most important topics affecting our community and ecosystem, celebrate wins toward our mission and uplift community voices.

The call is returning after a hiatus with a renewed mission and mandate after gathering feedback and going through advice process. We are excited to launch this call with a very important topic, decentralizing ecosystem growth and development through regional DAOs.

Below we want to offer an agenda and some pre-reads and content that can help set context about how we and other communities in the broader Web 3 ecosystem are thinking about Ecosystem Growth. There’s a lot we can learn from the overall ecosystem and can apply the learnings to our own community.

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Friday, November 11

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  • @olarte & @annaalexa welcome and introduce the new call format (5 mins)
    • How this is different from a governance call? What to expect from this new call format?

State of Celo Ecosystem

Content and Discussions

Closing statements and Next Steps

  • Fascilitators (5 mins)


Will be posted on the Forum after the call


We will ask a volunteer to act as a secretary during the call and take notes. Document will be shared here for everyone to view.

Context and Extended Reading

We have recently returned from Devcon and are super inspired by all of the ideas around broader ecosystem development. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, we’ve curated a playlist of a mix of Devcon and Celo related talks about funding and ecosystem growth:

We are looking forward to having this important discussion about our regional growth at the next Kuneco as these proposals prepare to present on Governance Call and submit these proposals for voting. Please join us in this conversation!

Anna & Daniel
Community Development Team


Hi @annaalexa!

Excited with the upcoming Kuneco!

As for the links above, thank you for sharing. In this regard and as a preparation for the discussions, I also wanted to add a link to the talk I did on ETHcc, as aimed at LatAm development status and initiatives from within the Celo Community + possible next steps.

Mila Rioja ETHcc Talk: DEFI in LatAm: a Ladder out of Emerging Status

See you soon


Amazing, thank you for sharing @MilaRioja! I will edit the above to add this link as well and let me know if there’s any more.


Hi all, if you missed last Kuneco or if you want to review what we discussed, you can find these links useful:

* Notes

* Recording on YouTube

Looking forward to the next call. If you have agenda suggestions, you can add them here as well:

Best, Daniel