Kuneco 2.0: Evolution of Kuneco into a Community Townhall

Hello folks! Anna here, together with @olarte we lead community programs at the Celo Foundation.

We wanted to give some background on the recent hiatus of the Kuneco Community Call and propose a path forward that captures the spirit of transparency, collaboration, and evolution of our community.

Kuneco - which means “togetherness” in Esperanto - was born out of the intention to create a virtual gathering space to strengthen the community spirit of Celo members while celebrating wins toward our mission, and uplifting community voices. With time, the majority of content and the agenda of this call became focused on amplifying recent news and project launches in the ecosystem and we got the feedback that it was missing some of the original spirit of “togetherness” that it was born to serve. However, there is still a big need for the community to find out about the latest news and updates.

So we came together as a team and proposed two paths forward to serve both goals of Partner Marketing and Community. The result is a brand new quarterly partner call that will be unveiled soon, and the evolution of Kuneco into a community run townhall with the support of the community team at the Celo Foundation that we are here to discuss.

We have some ideas and goals but in order for this to truly become the gathering place for the community, we need your feedback. Please take a look at the proposed structure below and let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see in this next iteration of Kuneco.


To facilitate a container of togetherness for the Celo Community that will dive deeply into topics that affect Celo’s development and serves the goal of gradual decentralization. Potential topics we are hoping to discuss:

  • Celo’s roadmap at cLabs and Celo Foundation
  • Governance, collaborating with CGP editors on most pressing issues
  • Frameworks for decentralization, applying for on-chain funding
  • Grassroots organization of regional ecosystems, a space for community builders to come together and exchange notes and learnings
  • Independent entities that are spinning up to support the Celo Ecosystem: Prezenti, Ocelot, Climate Collective, AfricaDAO and any other DAOs that are proposed in the future

Main Qualities

  • Community co-creates the agenda
  • Optimize for conversation and interaction rather than updates
  • Dedicate a part of the call to governance and community discussions
  • Provide transparency into our process & roadmap, inspired by Gitcoins open budget meetings and engaged governance and stewardship community


  • Monthly 1h call facilitated by Anna, Daniel, and in the future community facilitators
    • How often would like to participate in this kind of call?
  • We will choose a platform that encourages conversation
    • Livestorm, Crowdcast, Zoom, Google meet?
  • Post agenda and planning docs on the Forum and on Discord for most visibility
  • Have rapid cycles of feedback and iterate on the best experience for this Town Hall

What’s more is this is not the only effort we currently have that focuses on bringing the community together. Every week we have Office Hours in Discord in English, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as Developer Hours. And starting Friday we are kicking off a ReFi Summer Book Club, a container for rich conversations about ReFi that are so important to many of us in the Celo Community.

Please let us know your thoughts below and we are looking for a new and refreshed Kuneco Community Call starting soon!


cc: @olarte @Wade @Thylacine @willkraft @ebeth @MayaRB + everyone who would like to be involved in shaping the future of this call!

I like the evolution of Kuneco presented in this post Anna.
Personally, as a community member and project creator, I would like to see more of the presence of Marek and Rene during these calls. Would be awesome to organize an AMA with them every 4/6 months to answer the community questions. Clabs and the Celo Foundation are established companies and I believe that this bear market (aka quiet time) is the best moment to look back at what was done and what could be better or more efficient :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the initiative to re-vamp Kuneco @annaalexa and @olarte :100:
I like the focus on interaction over updates! Though that is probably what makes meetings like these logistical challenges. Excited to see us experiment and see how this plays out :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, are you considering using Discord for this? Do you have any insights from using Discord for the weekly office hours?

Thanks in advance!


Discord might be the right place just because that’s where most of us in the community hang out. However, after doing the office hours for a while, I am not sure it is the best option. It’s buggy, sound is not great, it can be discouraging for new folks. I like Zoom or similar platforms. Recently, the DevRel team started using Vowel for a few meetings, I liked it a lot. It has notes built in and it signals the amount of time people speak, among other features.


Thank you @0xarthurxyz! Exactly, that’s the goal :100:
We’ve considered Discord, and it’s definitely still an option on the table, but what we found in our office meetings is that it’s often more glitchy than other platforms. It works okay for the most casual meetings but can pose problems and can be a barrier for engagement. Here’s a balance I found works well:

  • Discord for casual hangouts, no agenda, office hours, mostly 1:1
  • Zoom/Google/Vowel for more structured calls like Governance, mix of 1:1 and 1:many conversations
  • Streamyard, Livestorm for presentation type calls and updages, mostly 1:many communication

What has your experience with Wallet Councils been like? I’d love to learn more!


Yes! Thank you @0xGoldo for your feedback, we have surfaced this as an idea and will incorporate it into the evolution of Kuneco :slight_smile: This is exactly what we are looking to do, bring more engagement and interaction with our community.


“the evolution of Kuneco into a community run townhall with the support of the community team at the Celo Foundation that we are here to discuss.”

Sounds great!


We’ve been using Google Meet, because it’s a recurring meeting people can accept/decline in their calendar. It works well because it’s familiar and convenient to join (most folks probably join Zoom/Google/etc from their calendars).

I’ve been thinking about Discord, but haven’t found that setting up meetings and recording is particularly convenient :person_shrugging:

love the idea of reviving this and on encouraging conversations.
This is a different topic but I hope there is also a focus on youtube engagement and attracting new members to the community/ enriching existing connections through video and audio formats.