[Idea/Suggestion] Integration with Learn2earn Platforms

Hi Celo Community!

In this post, I would like to suggest my idea to integrate and start to do campaigns on so-called learn-by-doing platforms (sometimes also known as learn2earn).

During the course of 2022 I saw the proliferation of a lot of learn2earn platforms that through gamification and rewards keeps different communities active and at the same time onboard new users.
In the beginning there was Coinbase learn.
Then came Rabbithole for onchain interactions.
Today in my view the most interesting platforms are Layer3, Galxe and Rabbithole.


Rabbithole and Celo already collaborate together back in Nov 2021 and I remember that the initiative was a huge success. That was also because of the rewards that were offered to complete the quest (up to $20 in CELO). Although I don’t have any in-deep data about the user retention and how many users actually continued to use the chain after the quest, in my experience as Rabbithole user I don’t think that’s a high % of the total. For this I ask more info to @Xochitl and @deana :slight_smile:
Rabbithole also have a slow UI and since some months to access the quests you need to hold specific NFTs. For this reason I think that at the moment Rabbithole is not the best choice and not anymore a market leader.

Galxe is a collaborative credential infrastructure enabling brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3. Galxe is currently ranked 2nd for user on Arbitrum and the 6th on Optimism (source: Nansen). For on-chain credentials, curators can contribute with subgraph queries or static snapshots. For off-chain credentials, we integrated with data sources such as Snapshot, Twitter, and Github. Here a case study on how Galxe helped to boost BNB chain community integration
Galxe is a very interesting and flexible platform that in case of an integration with Celo could be useful not only for the Foundation but for the all builders of the chain to run effective and engaging campaigns.

Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to discover and (re)discover web3.
It’s also by far my favorite. It has daily quest where users have to complete actions mostly onchain to receive XP points and sometimes NFTs as Rewards. The UI is really fast and that’s make also the UX very pleasant. The whole idea of this post came to me after seeing their ReFi quest!

I was honestly disappointed to see actions like “make a swap on Quickswap” or “Provide liquidity on Sushi” as main part of the quest. I really think that if Celo works on an Integration + Parnership with Layer3 we could onboard a lot of users directly onchain and on our terms making them discovery why Celo is the real ReFi player in the space. This quest had 10k unique participants all making transactions onchain and as reward “only” XP point on Layer3.
I imagine a possible Celo ReFi quest where to gain XP users will have to:

  • Swap any Asset for NCT on Uniswap
  • Donate Cusd to impactMarket
  • Stake Celo on Spiral

I think integrating Celo with this Dapps and also collaborate with them could be a very good way to onboard new people and make them discover how fast,cheap and green this chain is.

With this post I would like to know the opinion of the community and in particular of @nraghuveera & @annaalexa



Great idea. If I remember well, Celo launched it (or something similar) on Coinbase (learn and earn), many people joined the community and there were a lot of activity on the network.


Completely agree with @0xGoldo
Getting mission driven quests on-chain is truly purposeful, to keep the community involved and learn more about the mission.


Yes!!! @olarte and @annaalexa worked closely with Rabbithole and can share more information. Would love to see ReFi quests on Celo.


Really good suggestion, especially on ReFi and Layer3. Do you have any contacts there? I’m happy to connect with them.

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Governance Call uses

thanks for suggesting this

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Unfortunately not. I’m just an enthusiast of their platform :slight_smile:

What a cool initiative!
I would like to add that Mercado Bitcoin, one of the largest LATAM exchanges, has a proposal to adopt the Learn and Win program.
We want the Brazilian community to have more crypto knowledge, in addition to the Celo ecosystem and still be remunerated with cReal and Celo.
Comments and feedback are very welcome! :brazil:
link: CGP63: Learn to Earn Campaign (#179) · celo-org/[email protected] · GitHub
[Proposal]: CGP 63: Learn to Earn Campaign with cReal and Celo in Brazil