Galxe Quest - Not able to Verify "Explore Celo-Native USDT"

Hello, firstly I want to commend to smooth launch of native USDT on the Celo chain. The Celo team has also launched a Galxe quest to commemorate this launch, called “Explore Celo-Native USDT”.

However, it seems like many users (including myself) have found trouble verifying this Galxe quest task upon completion. I have even reported this issue to the Galxe team but this issue has not been resolved yet.

Many users in the Celo Discord server are also facing this issue, but the team is only saying to try again after some time.

Considering that real funds are involved with this quest, I feel that the Celo team should either take down the quest or escalate this issue with Galxe if this issue persists.