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:star2::star2: hi, community. Happy to meet you on Celo.

We are, a community-driven DEX and NFT platform on Celo. As Celo supporters like most of you, we have been thinking about how to promote Celo ecology.

Celo has excellent fundamentals and powerful strength in the payment field, but as one of the competitors of layer1 track, Celo is still in its early stage. Compared with some well-known layer1 projects such as ETH, BSC, Solana, Avanlanche, Terra, etc., Celo ecology needs further development. In fact, many people are paying attention to Celo. In Terra reddit, there is a discussion about Celo and Terra, a good comparation between the two.

:speaker: We think Celo has great potential, but there are two points that need to be strengthened. First, it needs to focus on promoting 1-2 star projects. Second, it needs to build stronger community consensus. Therefore, we joined forces with some Celo supporters to launch #MakeCeloGreat.

  1. Like and retweet #MakeCeloGreat twitter.

  2. Add #MakeCeloGreat to your twitter profile.

  3. Join #MakeCeloGreat channel, send your twitter link, and have the chance to get NFT.

:sunny: We hope #MakeCeloGreat will be long-term. Welcome to provide suggestions on Celo in discord and publish more twitter with #MakeCeloGreat tag daily.

If you are a community member, kol, developer or project, you are also welcome to contact us to explore more possibilities.

Here you can find potential projects on Celo.

:honey_pot: Celo contributors deserve more unexpected returns.

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