🥳 BIG Welcome and Introductions Thread

Welcome to the Celo Community

If you found your way over here, thank you, it’s great to have you with us! This is Celo Forum, the space for the Celo Community to gather, discuss important topics in the ecosystem, post governance proposals and more.

The the recent months we’ve had a lot of new folks join us, so it’s the perfect time to start a BIG Welcome and Introduction thread. Whether you’re just joining us or have been around for a while, feel free to drop a quick intro so that we can all get to know each other better. You can begin by answering some of the prompts below or go totally off script and write your own intro.

Introduce yourself

  • Where in the world are you usually located?
  • Background on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests?
  • Why are you passionate about Celo?
  • What you hope to contribute here?
  • Anything else you’d like to share with us

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Excited to kick this thread off and inviting everyone to join!

I’m Anna, I lead Community Development Programs at the Celo Foundation together with @olarte. I’m usually located between the US and South Africa and travel often across many conferences and community activities. I’m passionate about how GLOBAL the Celo community is and the impact we can have on the grassroots level.

I hope to contribute to the Celo Ecosystem by helping seed local hubs and communities. I hope to act as a bridge, to connect resources, and knowledge transfer to enable communities to self organize and work towards a common goal. Don’t hesitate to each out if you want to connect and chat all things community :green_heart:


Okay, I’m not going to be shy and gonna introduce myself! :slight_smile:

I’m Lorenzo, creator of CeloPunks, co-creator of ChinChilla Gang, Celo Community Moderator on Discord and Telegram, and member of the Celo NFT Consortium. I’m Italian but currently I live in Vienna, Austria.
I’m passionate about all web3/crypto things with a special focus on NFTs, DeFi and onchain analysis.
I love the purpose of this community and the focus on real world problems. I hope that through my projects and work I can help the community and bring more awareness to this blockchain and ecosystem. Despite the bear market turmoil I still have the strong belief and feeling that Celo is the most underrated L1 out there.


Hello. Excited to be part of this thread as well!

I am @Immanuel-john, a Blockchain Developer with wide range of expertise starting from Ethereum blockchain writing Solidity smart contracts for various ERC-20, ERC-721 use cases like NFT Ticketing, NFT marketplaces, Staking. Also I have good experience with some private blockchains namely R3 Corda, Ethereum private network. Currently I have found my passion towards web3 and trying to contribute more to the Web3 ecosystem. I am also an active participant in polkadot ecosystem building substrate based solo chains and parachain using Rust as a programming language for the same. With my rust experience I have tried my hands on Solana and Near Protocol as well developing some standards and applications over there.

Right now I am part of a DAO with @Monish016 where we are actively developing and contributing to the web3 for social goods. Even right now we are working on a NFT ticketing platform on CELO. We are looking for more ways to collaborate with CELO specifically in India to make it reach to potential builders and community over here.


Hello Celo Fam!

My name is Estefania; I am based between the US and Mexico - specifically Arizona & CDMX. I became curious about blockchain because of NFTs. I have a background in traditional art, which made the transition to the blockchain a no-brainer for me. In my free time, you can find me diving deeper into the intricacies of web3 technology and its implications for the real world. Professionally, I work with protocols to bring programs that create builder communities and opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, or continued education.

I am excited to join the Celo community because it is one of the most accessible ways to bring blockchain to the people. I support the growth of the builder programs at Celo. I would also like to promote incentivization models around events and DAO participation.


Hello Celo community!

My name is Max, I work for the Blockchain Solutions Center (BCSC) at Deutsche Telekom. I am based in Germany, but can also be found regularly at various conferences throughout the year. My team and I look after the infrastructure division of the BCSC. Providing infrastructure is Deutsche Telekom’s core business. From telephone, to internet, our vision is that the next logical step of a telco is to provide infrastructure for the web3. Since 2020, we have been successfully providing infrastructure for various public blockchain networks - by now for Chainlink, Flow, CELO, Polkadot, Q and Ethereum. Especially with CELO, we share a deeper connection - due to our shared values, we have invested in the network & are developing a deepening partnership on various levels. Latest announcement from my team: we plan to participate in CELO Oracle!

I was drawn into crypto around 2018 by my brother & was lucky enough to make a move to BCSC in Deutsche Telekom 2021 and have been involved with crypto day in & day out ever since. I like to think outside the box, always try to link the potentials of crypto within the real world & then discuss them with customers/partners. What I like about CELO in particular is the open-minded community (I got to meet some of them for the first time this year in Barcelona :slight_smile: ) and the focus on solving problems in the real world. There are so many exciting ideas & projects and I just love how the whole space keeps innovating itself despite all the difficulties.

I want to contribute to the growth of the CELO community and spread our ideas and values. Besides infrastructure, we at Deutsche Telekom deal with many other topics in the area of web3 - so if you have ideas to discuss, I would like to act as a link between DT & CELO and am therefore open for a chat or virtual meeting.


Hey Celo Community,

I’m Monish Crypto Community builder, (Ex. Creative Lead at NEAR Protocol), and currently working as a Community Strategist. Also, Co-founder of KalakendraDAO, A DAO missioned to Onboard and Educate web2 Artists, Developers, and Tech enthusiasts of India Web3 space for Social Good. Founded almost a year back on Nov 2021 to Widely Educate, Onboard, and adopt web3. Since then we have onboarded different communities in India.

Apart from this, I am working in the crypto/web3 space for more than 2.5 years, Having a vast understanding of NFTs, Defi, DAO & its governance, and finally Web3 Community Strategy.

This led to finding KalaKendraDAO (Community Owned DAO) collectively Governed by the community to take Decisions. as a result we not just started educating Indians, We Started to collectively Build web3 Products for the Community.

Currently, We are building an NFT Ticketing Platform on Celo, which interested in bringing to the Celo Community. After Understanding the community itself we are now trying to build a Community Sourced News Aggregator ( A DAPP to Aggregate Celo Signal) With the guidance of @ericnakagawa and @jason on.

We are Constantly Throwing Ourselves for the benefit of the community.

The Major Important milestone that I would like to break is. We are in talks with the Tamilnadu Government ( A State in India to Push Web3 for Tamil Community) as a result of this KalakendraDAO and Active other Indian Community Joined hands to Create a Web3 for TN, a meetup Inauguration in Chennai this November 25. We KalakendraDAO would be represented over there.

Also, We have been constantly Educating and onboarding web2 Peeps, our Efforts had passed pushing boundaries to align our Mission. Some being

  • Representing KalakendraDAO in One of the biggest conferences happened in India, Web3 Conf Goa.

  • Representing KKD in First NFT Summit that Happened in Bangalore - Namastey NFT

Also, recently we have Sponsored Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, For Web3 Hackathon for Social Good, We got 12+ Submitted projects and we are incubating one from KKD as well.

  • Also, as a web3.0 Social/community builder, we are actively contributing to different levels to get every fellow Indian onboarded to web3.

Finally IMHO “Community is a Fuel for the Web3.0”

Please find my socials below

Twitter - https://twitter.com/CryptoMonish
Telegram - @MonishMuralidharan
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/monish016/
KalakendraDAO - DAO Tool - https://app.astrodao.com/dao/kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Would you like to connect with me? Please Schedule a Call with me

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 7.36.19 PM

This is the level of commitment i promise to the celo community


Welcome, Monish! Looking forward to working with you.

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Hello, Celo community,

My names are E. Hawwal Ogungbadero, & I’m a British Nigerian currently living in Lagos Nigeria. I have a BSc in computer science & I do 2D animation, filmmaking & music. I’m a Guinness world record holder :medal_sports: & the founder of Blaqk stereo Dao. Blaqk stereo Dao is a dao focused on finding sustainable solutions for creatives in Africa using web3-based tech. to aid, fund, & educate about blockchain technology applicable to their careers. In pushing that endeavor, I decided to launch a project of building a music app which is still in its ideation phase and we are currently seeking some angel investment to kick start the building of this app that will solve a major problem for creatives here in Africa and around the world post its launch. Here is our github page.
I’ve been into the web3 space learning and adapting for about 2 years now and it has really been a phenomenal experience for me.

I would love to contribute to the celo community by bringing in my skill set, experience, and time pushing my primary focus which is to build and develop lasting solutions for creatives as well as individuals in Africa.

Here is my Linkedin