Composable Protocols for Celo: 6551 Tokenbound / 0xSplits / Sablier

@MontyMerlin and I were discussing bringing what BASIN is building for natural capital and biodiversity RWA to Celo.

Under the hood of what we are doing are several composable modular protocols which I am sure you have heard of. They are all EVM and would be fairly easy to get set up in the Celo Ecosystem. We would just need some community push, focus, and maybe a little funding.

I can go into how BASIN is using all these later or in the replies but here are the three main ones:

ERC-6551 Tokenbound Accounts



Please reply here or hit Monty and I up on TG.


Love this. Would be great to further scope out the potential requirements / resourcing that might be needed for a Celo deployment of the protocols you mention!


What do you see as the key benefits to the Celo ecosystem, if this were to go ahead?

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Hey @tmoindustries. We would be more than happy to deploy the Sablier protocol on Celo so you guys can leverage it for BASIN. If that is of interest, feel free to drop your Telegram username, and I will create a chat with our team so we can coordinate the deployment.