Rarible / Celo / BASIN 1155 Collection

We appreciate all the support in Gitcoin GG20 Climate and the Celo Retro PGF rounds!

As promised we are working on 1155 collection to launch on Rarible / Celo. It would be a sister collection to our 1155’s on Base, Zora, and Polygon. For this collection we looking to tweak the vibe to be aligned with the Celo community.

What theme would you like to see? The only constraint is that all of our 1155’s are “Certificates of Ensurance” which ensure natural capital in perpetuity as part of the BASIN Protocol. Each 1155 is a share in the protocol regardless of chain. Whatever the art / theme, it has to tie to ensuring nature, protecting and restoring ecosystems, and creating regenerative wealth.

My initial thoughts/ideas are something with:

  • geography or markets that Celo is focused on.
  • Mobile is another idea but probably too narrow for nature art / collectibles.
  • Another could be “real world solutions” of real on the ground projects and people. This is also a bit trickier as it gets out of the art realm that has driven and currently drives NFT markets.
  • we could double down on natural capital and really focus on the Core Benefits of Natural Capital.

Open to ideas and suggestions.

Also relevant is that all of our 1155’s are linked to real assets in the BASIN Protocol. The real assets in the protocol are ecosystems (properties) that have high natural capital value. Example of the underlying real assets we are woking in can be found in the BASIN Ensurance Binder. Assuming the Reserve is still looking to add natural capital assets, these would be ideal to add to the treasury and we strongly suggest the community holding these 1155’s.

I look forward to your thoughts.


What were your thoughts after @serlarrain’s comments on Twitter?


@serlarrain and I are having some good discussions.

I love Rarible but I would really like to see Celo get approved on Zora which should be easy due to Celo becoming an OP Stack chain. Our main 1155’s are Zora contracts on Base and Zora (chain) and would like to use the same underlying contract on Celo. Then all three collections would have same functionality on Zora app or any custom app we build.

cc @LuukDAO if you could ping Celo NFT team please. Happy to answer technical questions re the above as well.

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So Arbitrum just got added to Zora. It seems like Celo should be able to get added easily. I have reached out to Zora direct as well as on Warpcast. Can anyone here also ping them?

We are going to hold off on a Celo 1155 collection until we can use Zora’s native contract as all of out other collections are using the same contact.

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this would be great, good shout and thanks for the push. Happy to also help try get this over the line!