Celo Wallet and (d)App Council #11 [May]

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A monthly meeting for Celo developers, founders, product people (anyone really!) to come together and

  • find consensus (coordinate),
  • learn about needs, pain points, and desires
  • present and collect technical feedback

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  • Comment with a short sentence describing what you’d like to discuss
  • Don’t worry, it can be small or big!
  • Every builder is welcome (and we are very easy going, I promise :smile:)
  • Upvote topics you’re interested in

All, this was a great call and it was great to see the strong attendance.

Some take-aways from me:

  • Lots of curiosity as to how the community funded phase 1 of Valora Rewards performed in terms of user retention and increased signups. I understand @denisse is working on a report, and that will be valuable for the community.
  • @marek and team working on Plumo, worth re-watching the second portion of this call. I think - if more of the high level attributes of Plumo could be articulated somewhere online (how much MB does it take to download? how secure is it relative to a full node? for whom does it make sense to use), that would help dApps a lot with considering it for their roadmap.
  • I would love to see collaboration among wallets/dApps to align on a cross-ecosystem rewards program (that has caps per wallet, as Valora Supercharge does). I see this both as a form of UBI and also a way to drive adoption. As @0xhuman pointed out on the call, better understanding performance from the data is critical here.

Thanks for following up here @Pinotio.com! :100:

@Pinotio.com This is useful feedback on Plumo. For security, it should be as secure as the normal light client which only downloads/verifies epoch headers, assuming our circuit, SNARK prover+verifier, and trusted setup are secure, having followed standard practice + reviews and audits for these. I would say its use is suitable for anyone using the normal light client for their wallet. Possibly someone else can articulate the tradeoff between Celo’s light client and full nodes better than myself but one reason to prefer the latter might be data availability for past transactions.