I restored my wallet

The wallet is empty and cannot be verify my phone number.

Hi Micky,

Yes, that’s expected. The network has been reset so the previous account balances are gone.
To onboard again, please request an invite here: https://celo.org/build/wallet
Or you can reach out to me on Celo’s discord chat and send me your new address: https://discordapp.com/channels/600834479145353243/


I can’t to onboard again

This is my address and can’t to verify my phone number

Looks like we had a problem with the online faucet. That’s been fixed and invite codes will now work as expected.

I’ve also fauceted your account some cUSD and cGLD, you should be able to verify now :slight_smile:

Can’t to verify my phone

Hi! still having trouble verifying? If so, any chance you could walk us through what you’re seeing (are there any errors? Is it loading indefinitely?)

To onboard again, This is my address.Thanks

I’ve fauceted your new account, you should have some celo gold and dollars now.
Thanks for your patience with the onboarding :slight_smile:

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