Unable to verify

I want to verify my number so I can participate in the cUSD rewards program before the deadline. Unfortunately I do not receive any messages, so it appears that I will be ineligible?

Device Information

OS: Android 10
Device: moto g stylus
App Version: version 1.12.2

Hey @ctrl-z - thanks for reporting this! We’ve seen a few other reports of no codes being received and are investigating that. In a few of those they were able to receive the codes a few hours to a day later.

If you’re still unable to confirm your phone number, will you please reach out to our support team to report this? To do that, open Valora and then the Valora sidebar and tap Help > Contact. Please do include your logs when you reach out.

Thank you!

Hi Lisa

I thought doing a cache reset might help, so I transferred out most of my Celo (just in case wallet restoration had issues) and tried that.

I was able to restore my wallet without any issues, and got my phone number to confirm, so it’s all good now!

In any case, I did contact support before posting, and I hope they look into the issue as it undoubtedly will add friction and frustration for anyone that wants to confirm their number outside of the initial setup flow.

@ctrl-z Well first - Woot! I’m glad you were able to confirm your number. Thank you, also, for reporting this to the support team.

This issue has been escalated and we are investigating it. I agree, this should work as expected to avoid that friction and resulting frustration.