Smart Wallet account recovery?

Not sure who to address this to but –

Is smart wallet-style guardian account recovery on the roadmap for Valora? (e.g. Argent)

Currently doing some ground research in Curacao for a Celo implementation and this is the number one issue that keeps popping up (folks just do not write down their seed phrase).

If Valora does not support this, is there another smart wallet in Celo’s ecosystem that does and simultaneously supports the Celo identity protocol (phone numbers)?

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Hi @Lamhaf - I’ve responded over here.

@papa_raw This is tricky since we are decentralized! We are serious about account recovery and working on solutions but do not have one implemented quite yet.

Do you have a spec you can share?

I do not. Have you seen this conversation over on Celo’s Discord? that conversation links over to Github about the Celo Wallet Council Call 3.

That may be of interest to you!

This is what I was looking for – thank you!

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That’s great news - I’m glad that info helps! You’re welcome and any time.

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