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Hello, I set up a Valora account while doing Coinbase Earn. However, I never received a deposit from them. I copied and pasted my address, so I don’t know how I couldn’t have received it. I have contacted CD from both Coinbase and Valora and neither of them have even tried to help. Could anyone please help me or at least point me in the correct direction?

Thank you

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The same appeared to happen to me as I was logged out (timed out) at the moment I clicked the final button in the CoinBase Earn task. When I logged back in I couldn’t find the amounts, except for the initial transaction to my mobile Valora wallet.

HOWEVER, some time (minutes and minutes) afterwards I discovered that my account on CoinBase was eventually credited with the amount.

Hey @Rmoney22 ! We can help out in support. Can you please open your Valora app, open the sidebar and tap “Help” then “Contact”? that will make sure we have your account number when you contact us.

Also, please let us know the last step you were on and if you can include a screenshot of where are at in the Coinbase earn task, that will help us to figure out what happened here.

@ian thank you for jumping in! It sounds like you received the final payout to your Coinbase account but if you do have any issues, please reach out to support as well so that we can look up what may have happened.

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for responding! I’ve been trying to figure this out since Friday and have almost given up, so I appreciate it! This is as far as I have gotten in Coinbase. However, I never received the deposit. Also, I copied and pasted the address in Coinbase, so I don’t THINK that is the problem. I will include a SS of Coinbase. Thanks again!!


I have contacted Valora twice now. Should I do it again like you said to or not? The second time, they said they were going to merge my two requests, but won’t help after that. Please let me know what you would like me to do.

Thanks again

@Rmoney22 - You’re welcome, happy to help!

Can you send me a DM here on the forums with the email address you used when reaching out to support? I can use that to look up your request.

Thank you!

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Hello Lisa,

I don’t see an option to DM when I click on your profile, but my email is . Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks so much!

Hi Ryan - thank you. I’ll check into my profile, but you can remove your email now. I’ve got it in ticket 2954.

I see that Charlie has been helping you in your ticket and responded 3 hours ago. You should have that message in your email inbox.

Please let me know if you have not received that. Otherwise we can continue to interact in that ticket.

Hey @Lisa

I am having similar issues with my account. The coinbase earn steps are stuck on step 4.

Hi @sjd0327 - will you contact us from the sidebar of Valora (Help > contact) and include your logs and let us know you are stuck on step 4, please? Our support team can help from there.

Will do, thanks Lisa!

Hi Lisa,

I still have yet to have this resolved nor have I heard back from Charlie. It’s been 6 days now. Could you PLEASE help?!?

Hi sjd, did you get yours fixed by chance?

@Rmoney22 Mine came through yesterday afternoon.

That’s awesome!! How did you go about getting it fixed?? Mine still hasn’t been fixed

Hi Lisa,
So I take that as you won’t help since you haven’t responded back? Gotcha. Well, clearly, you know how to fix the problem since you helped AND fixed the account of, sjd0327, who commented on the post I made asking for help with the EXACT same problem. That being said, perhaps you could at least put me In touch with someone who is willing to help me. It’s been 8 days now and all I want to do is to get this fixed and get the same treatment as every other customer. I know that’s asking quite a bit, but…

Hi there @Rmoney22 - my apologies for the delayed response on this. Both Charlie and I were out the last half of last week.

I did reply to you to explain the difference with sjd0327’s issue (which was related to a Coinbase incident causing delays in transacting with CELO and was automatically resolved later that day) and your issue. Your issue does require more support from Coinbase, which is what we are waiting on.

I do need to reiterate that these are two totally different issues with different resolutions.

All I can ask is your patience as we all wait on this escalation. Thank you.

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