Valora CELO Rewards

via Binance I made a deposit of 9.87 Celo in order to qualify for Celo Rewards. The problem is that this amount does not appear in my balance. The transaction has been made, I see that the payment has been received but when I want to access the reward it is impossible! In my balance I have 0.33 Celo and they ask me to add 8 cUSD before April 26 to access the reward. So how do you add the 9.87 CELO?
thank you for your reply

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Hi @mameza - it sounds like the primary issue is that you sent CELO from Binance to Valora and are not seeing the updated balance in Valora. To troubleshoot that, please reach out to our support team for help. You can reach them by opening the Valora sidebar and tapping Help > Contact.

Thank you!