Not seeing any rewards in Celo Wallet Desktop

Hello everyone,
I admit to being a newer Celo token holder. I am interested in the project, so I purchased Celo, and then downloaded the Celo Wallet App. Then I locked my Celo, chose a Validator and activated my vote.
I’m still learning, and have read everything I have been able to find so far about Celo.
It’s been a week, and the balance in my Celo Wallet hasn’t increased at all even though I understand that Epochs are 1 day long and rewards are paid daily.
I’d just like to confirm that I’ve done everything correctly to support the Celo ecosystem and understand the reason that I am not seeing any increase in my Celo balance.
I appreciate any input that anyone can offer.


If you go to the Celo Explorer and paste your address there, in the tab “Celo Info” you should see the votes for the group you choose and they should be activated.

If they are indeed activated, you wont receive an explicit transfer every day, you’ll just see your votes increased every epoch.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.
And it makes sense.


My friend Martin is totally correct, just want to add that this is a common question so we’ll be adding a Rewards Tracker screen to Celo Wallet soon.