[Celo Explorer] Epoch Rewards Data Now Available

Hello Celo Community :wave:

Celo Epoch Data is now available on Celo Explorer! You can access epoch related data e.g. Locked Celo, Voting Celo, Voter Rewards, Validator Rewards, and more through explorer UI, CSV, and API.

What are epoch rewards? Epoch rewards are incentive mechanisms in Celo protocol that serve as a way of minting and distributing new units of Celo. Epoch occurs every 24 hours and the rewards are distributed to 1) Voters 2) Validators 3) Validator Groups 4) Community Fund 5) Network Carbon Offset Fund 6) Mento Reserve Bolster. You can read more about it here: Celo Epoch Rewards Overview | Celo Documentation.

Changes in the explorer:

Address Page

  • Example

  • :eyes: New Data Points:

    • Locked Celo : A total amount of Celo locked by the address
    • Voting Celo : A total amount of Celo locked by the address that is also delegated to vote for validator group(s); this is also known as Activated Celo
    • Epoch Txs: You will be able to see all the Epoch “Transactions” that occurred for this address. “Transactions” are in quotes because these aren’t like typical blockchain transactions as they occur natively in the protocol when Epoch blocks are produced, and thus do not have typical traits of a transaction e.g. transaction hash.
    • CSV Download: Scroll to the bottom of “Epoch Transactions” Tab to download the rewards data pertaining to the selected address

Epoch Block

  • Example

  • :eyes: New Data Points:

    • Epoch Block Number will appear in the title for Epoch Blocks
    • Epoch Txs: Similar to Address pages, all Epoch “Transactions” are listed in a new tab. Note that Voting Rewards, Validator Rewards, and Validator Group Rewards are aggregated, and you can expand each to see more in detail


  • The dashboard has the following data, which are filterable by a range of epoch you select:
    • Epoch Payout % Distribution
    • Locked and Voting CELO i.e. how much Celo is locked and utilized for votes in the protocol in each epoch
    • Voting Rewards APR i.e. voting rewards of the latest epoch extrapolated for 365 days; (Total Rewards / Activated Celo) * 365
    • Rewards Multiplier i.e. Adjustment factor based on % deviation of remaining epoch rewards from target epoch
    • Annualized Validator Rewards i.e. validator rewards of the latest epoch extrapolated for 365 days

  • You can also search for epoch rewards (either voting or validator) by Epoch or Addresses, like below:

API: There are four(4) new endpoints: 1) Voter Rewards 2) Validator Rewards 3) Validator Group Rewards and 4) General Epoch Data. The previously provided versions of Voter Rewards and Validator Rewards API endpoints will be deprecated by the end of December 2022.

Below are a few examples of response:

Please feel free to reach out on Discord at matt | cLabs#9132 if you have any feature requests or questions! You can also join us at #data-celo-explorer channel on Celo Discord! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this update @mattdkim! This is awesome.

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Just wanted to say that this is absolutely amazing, and I can’t believe that this exist. This is so valuable. My only complaint is that I did not hear about this sooner :sweat_smile: