How to find it?

I sent money from coinbase how do I find it

Which address did you send it to? Is your wallet Valora?

I sent it from coinbase to the cgld wallet if I follow the link in the email it takes me to the wallet with a 0 balance

What is the cgld wallet you sent it to? Is it an app like Valora or a cli app? What’s the address of the wallet?

It’s on coin base I sent it from there

Where did you send it from coinbase?

To the Cleo wallet coinbase have not got back to me and I been reading they been having lots of trouble transferring peoples money

See if you get info we need

It shows the transfer is successful here: 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD - Celo Explorer

I would like to understand where you generated this address you sent to: 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD

Did you also get it from Coinbase or from another wallet app.

This mite help to

I think there’s some misunderstanding here. I am asking you where did you get that address 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD that you sent your CELO to from Coinbase.

It would help me a lot if you told me how did you get the address: 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD that you sent CELO to from Coinbase app.

Did Coinbase give you 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD address?
Did Valora give you 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD address?
Did Ledger give you 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD address?

Without me knowing how you got 0xf21490Fb30A5ea8af5aC766dD53088B9aC0877FD to begin with, I won’t be able to fully understand what you did and how to best help you.

I clicked on the Cleo wallet on coinbase and hit the blue arrow to send to my wallet as wanted to cash out and I copy my coinbase wallet into where to send and it’s lost and if I follow the link on email they send it says my bel is 0

Can you see top line it says sent Cleo but where did it send as bel still shows 0

If you got the address from Coinbase, then maybe you sent from their address to the address they generated for you. I would ask Coinbase for support if they have given you the address you sent to, if I understand this correctly. They probably still have that keys to that address and can check

I have sent them about 10 emails over 3 days and they have not got back to me

Yeah I think they have some issues due to a bull market. I’d wait to hear back what they say. If you received the address from Coinbase, they probably can help you get access to it.