cEUR from exchange to Valora, not available in my region?

How come Valora doesn’t give me the option to import cEUR? I’m in the USA.

Hi @markbarendt! If I understand correctly, you’d like to send cEUR to Valora from another location, such as an exchange. Is that right?

If so, please see this article on receiving funds from an exchange. If you’re using another wallet, you’ll simply need your Valora account address and you can send to that address from the other wallet.

I’d also encourage you to have a read of this article: What do I need to know before sending assets to and from Valora?

I see we have a support request from you as well! Our team will help you out there as well. Thank you!

Thanks for the articles. Valora simply won’t give me the option to transfer in cEUR “Not available in your region”

cUSD and Celo both work perfectly it’s just the cEUR that’s an issue.

You’re welcome. It’s a confusing part of the app that needs improvement; we’re working on it.

If you want to send cEUR from another place - exchange, wallet, etc. Kucoin, for example, you’ll need to grab your account address then find the send function on the other system, for cEUR, and send it to your Valora address. How you reach that send option on the other system will be dependent on the exchange or wallet you’re sending from.

Ahhh, so can I assume that the address of my Valora wallet is the same for all the currencies and assets?

Aye! Yes indeed. Your address is the same for all assets.