Celo Kenya April Activities Recap

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Digital Identity in Web3
Digital Identity is one of the most exciting and promising use cases for Web3. In a world where privacy and security are increasingly important, having control over our personal data and identity is crucial. In Web3, your digital identity is more than just a username and password - it’s a collection of decentralized identifiers (DIDs) that are unique to you and can be used to verify your identity across different platforms and applications.

The use of DIDs means that users have full control over their personal information, which is stored on the blockchain and can be accessed only with their permission. This allows for greater privacy and security, as users are no longer reliant on centralized entities to manage and protect their personal data. On 6th of April the Celo Kenya team hosted George Mosomi from Safi Protocol to explore Digital Identity. Follow us @CeloKenya to listen in to the conversation and be part of this discussion.

The impact of Regenerative Finance on local communities

Regenerative Finance is a concept that goes beyond traditional finance and investments. It’s a movement that aims to create sustainable and equitable economies by focusing on community-based investing. By investing in local businesses and organizations, Regenerative Finance helps create more economic opportunities for the people living in those communities. This, in turn, leads to increased job growth, higher wages, and a stronger local economy. By keeping investments local, Regenerative Finance also helps to reduce the negative impacts of globalization, such as outsourcing and exploitation. Furthermore, Regenerative Finance encourages the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This helps to protect the environment and ensure that the resources used by local communities are preserved for future generations. On April 13th the Celo Kenya team hosted Shaila Agha from Regen Foundation for a twitter space on how Regenerative Finance helps to create more equitable and sustainable local economies, which benefits everyone in those communities. If you missed the discussion feel free to dive into the conversation here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1zqJVPrErNXKB?s=20

Intro to Carbon Credits

Carbon credits in Africa provide a win-win opportunity for both the environment and local communities, encouraging sustainable practices & generating revenue for development. On April 20th the Celo Kenya team hosted Nyangena Brian Okemwa from Verst Carbon for a discussion on Carbon markets. Follow this link to participate in the discussion: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1rmxPkNrYDbJN?s=20

Empowering positive change through DeFi

DeFi is not just disrupting the financial sector, it’s also empowering positive change. By enabling access to financial services, reducing intermediaries, and promoting transparency, DeFi is driving social impact. In this Twitter space, we hosted Oyedeji Oluwoye from Canza Finance to delve into how Canza Finance leverages the power of DeFi to build a more equitable world. Join us in the discussion by following this link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ypJddObQzrJW?s=20

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Great conversations.They have gone a long way in making me understand the importance of building with purpose

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Fantastic work here. If you come into pockets of artists communities, please connect with us.

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Sure, @AriGallery happy to help

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