Celo Community In Africa (Kenya Weekly Recap)

Celo Kenya Weekly Recap

Diversity in Web3
Web3 is being touted as the future of the internet – introducing new concepts from the metaverse through to DeFi (decentralized finance) and augmented by other blockchain technology such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It also promises greater user participation and online communities that no longer rely on a handful of tech companies. Some fundamental barriers to increasing participation in Web3 relate to diversity and Inclusion. In this twitter space, we hosted Betty Waitherero from Azima Finance, Telos Foundation, and Green Trace to delve into Diversity in Web3. We touched on the general diversity and Inclusion in Web3, barriers to increasing participation and diversity in Web3, what can be done to spark and trigger more inclusivity in the ecosystem, how to welcome new users from web 2 and keep them engaged in the web 3, and how the inclusion of web3 has benefited education and industrial development.

If you missed this session and would want to listen in, kindly navigate to this link: https://twitter.com/CeloKenya/status/1593258029868322816?s=20

The rate of blockchain adoption in Africa
Africa is openly embracing new-age technologies, revolutionizing the landscape, and improving the lives of millions in the process. In this session, we dissected the rate of blockchain adoption in Africa. Our guest speakers were David from Bitcoin Kenya and Erick from Kenyan Wallstreet. We discussed everything there is to know about blockchain adoption in Africa. From blockchain as a driver of financial inclusion in Africa, Blockchain industry development, Remittance and payment opportunities in Africa, Some Use Cases and Examples of emerging blockchain technologies and recommendations for developing blockchain technology in Africa.

If you missed the session and would want to listen in, please navigate to this link: https://twitter.com/CeloKenya/status/1590721142267838466?s=20

Celo 101 Workshop at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
We held our first physical Celo 101 workshop at JKUAT main campus in partnership with GDG. The workshop was a success. Here ,we took deep-dive into Celo ,how developers can build on top of Celo and be part of the ecosystem . We culminated the session by building a gaming shop example, Usikugame dApp. Developers later were tasked with completing the dApp in teams and presenting the final product.

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