Celo Africa DAO Report (May, June, July)

Greetings, awesome Celorians! I’m Mabwa Charles, a Core Contributor for the Celo Africa Dao. As part of our commitment to enhancing transparency and gathering valuable community insights, we’re excited to unveil a snapshot of our endeavors over the last quarter (May, June, July) within the Celo Africa Dao. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and perspectives on these initiatives as we continue to move forward!

Project Duration: May, June, July
Project: Celo Africa DAO Report

Executive Summary

This report outlines the progress, achievements, and outcomes of the Celo Africa DAO under the three focus areas: Developer Acquisition, Community Growth, and Awareness & Positioning. The primary objective is to attract emerging Web3 talent, educate the community, and build market awareness and brand positioning in Africa. The report provides an overview of each focus area, and success criteria for May, June, July.


The Celo Africa DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to fostering the growth and adoption of the Celo blockchain across the African continent. With a focus on driving Web3 innovation, community education, and market awareness, the DAO aims to empower local developers, entrepreneurs, and communities to embrace blockchain technology. Through a series of developer workshops, university events, community collaborations, and Twitter Spaces sessions, Celo solidified its presence and fostered meaningful connections within the local blockchain community to meet Celo Africa Dao focus areas i.e;

  1. Attract emerging Web3 talent locally by focusing on local incubator programs & developer relations.
  2. Community Education & University Outreach
  3. Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning through content distribution.

Focus Area 1: Community Education & University Outreach

Objective: Onboard new community members and users, and guide them through the ecosystem.

Both the university outreach programs and developer workshops occur on a monthly basis bringing together proficient developers and tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills building on the Celo blockchain. This collaborative effort underscores a real-world approach to addressing challenges using Blockchain Technology. The events encompass a range of activities, including workshops, mentoring sessions, coding challenges, and hands-on experience in the development of decentralized apps and smart contracts.

Key Deliverables: Community Education, University Programs, Ambassadors for Community and University, Number of activated clubs, Total Wallet Downloads.


Activity Metrics Achieved
Community Education and University Programs We organized and held a total of 19 Community meetups and University events, reaching, engaging and onboarding over 1500 developers from the ecosystems.
Ambassadors We onboarded 8 Ambassadors, with 5 Junior Developers to collaborate and contribute to the Ecosystem’s growth.
Number of Activated Clubs Activated over 9 university clubs across the University Ecosystem, these are from the 9 University events that we hosted.
Total Wallet Downloads We amassed more than 800 Wallet downloads across all the ecosystems.

Other Metrics

Focus Area 2: Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning through content distribution.

​​Objective: Build market awareness and brand positioning through content distribution and event sponsorship.

Key Deliverables: Marketing (Twitter), Local Event Sponsorship, Upcoming events (Decentralized Intelligence and EthSafari).

Success Criteria: Achieved strong online engagement, event participation, and ecosystem growth.


Activity Metrics Achieved
Marketing: Conducted a total of 14 Twitter Spaces, reaching a total of 1252 organic participants. Achieved more than 1000 new followers, and 301,900 twitter impressions
Local Event Sponsorship: Sponsored 2 top-tier events, OSCA Festival in Nigeria onboarding over 200 developers and Kampala Blockchain DevFest, onboarding over 300 developers.
Upcoming Events Event 1: Decentralized Intelligence: A Web3 + AI Innovation Summit on 25-26th August 2023 and Event 2: EthSafari 2023 on the 18th - 24th September
Blog and Writers Program We successfully launched our blog and writers program on Hashnode, Interested community members were invited to join and collaborate in curating thought provoking How to articles on Celo. To participate follow this link: Writing for Celo Africa DAO


The first three months (May, June July) of the Celo Africa Dao witnessed a dynamic series of activities by the Celo Africa DAO team, aimed at nurturing a thriving blockchain ecosystem within Africa. Through developer workshops, university events, community collaborations, and engaging Twitter Spaces discussions, Celo succeeded in elevating its brand presence and establishing itself as a valuable contributor to Africa’s blockchain landscape.

Looking ahead, the Celo Africa DAO team remains committed to further enriching the local blockchain community through continuous initiatives and the establishment of collaborative partnerships.

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Great work Charles and the Celo Africa Dao ecosystem contributors


Credit goes to the members of Celo Africa DAO for their unwavering dedication to the objective of enhancing developer skills and raising community consciousness to accelerate the widespread embrace of blockchain technology.


Inspiring work! Congrats


This report from Celo Africa DAO is truly outstanding. An invaluable contribution, highly commendable. Good job Charles and other contributors.

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Amazing work @mabwa :raised_hands:

Just some feedback.

  1. Link to Slack is not working:

  2. Just mentioning the fact that maybe you can collab with this kind of initiatives and allign some synergies betwwen both wonderfull celo community members @iamoracle and @Aliu I am aware that the scope and the timeframe of the DAO and the Incubation program proposed are different but maybe you can find a way.
    RFC - Incubation Program by Blockchain Innovation Hub - #6 by iamoracle


Thanks for the catch @juanjgiraldoc, here is an updated link to the Celo Africa Dao Slack. Kindly note that the link expires in 30 days: Slack

Here is an updated link for joining the Celo Africa Dao Slack channel, kindly note that the link expires in 30 days: Slack