Celo Africa DAO Q1 2024 Report (March, April, May and June)

Project Duration: March, April, May and June 2024.

Project: Celo Africa DAO Report

Executive Summary

The Celo Africa DAO H1 Report offers an overview of the progress, accomplishments, and insights from the first quarter of 2024 (March to June). Significant achievements and strategic efforts are highlighted within these key domains (focus areas) i.e. Incubator Program, Developer Acquisition, Community Growth, and Brand Awareness and Positioning.

The report is authored by Mabwa Charles, Brisa Mukunde, and Jimoh Tajudeen, with contributions from other core members of the Africa DAO.

Budget and Spending:

We received $134,000 as tranche 1 and have been very prudent with our spending, especially in these focus areas. We expect a balance of $21,000 on the safe by the end of June 2024 after clearing all the DAO pending invoices for the month of June 2024.

Focus Area Estimated Spend Actual Spend
Incubator program $29,500 $30,500
Attracting Dev Talent $34,500 $21,000
Community Brand Awareness + Operations $56,200 $51,192

Focus Area 1: Incubator Program.

The latest achievements of the Celo Africa DAO Incubator Program are impressive. Currently, the program supports 15 teams, guided by over 8 experienced mentors from diverse fields. The program has facilitated over 10 multiple workshops with different topics ranging from ideation to development to testing and launching with over 10 support hour sessions to guide and enhance the participant’s skills and knowledge. This progress highlights the incubator’s commitment to fostering growth and development within the Celo ecosystem in Africa.

Celo Africa Dao Incubator Program Cohort 1 include Nexus, PayLink, Earthfi, Zsales, Minicrash, Peerpesa, Cello Gifty, Treasures, AjiraPay, Pretium Africa, Creative List, Carus Recycling, Brainciawiz, Sum Surge and Esusu. All these projects originate from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa.

For more information about these projects, please refer to the attached link: https://www.notion.so/celoafricaincubator/COHORT-1-CELO-AFRICA-DAO-INCUBATOR-c8e55a8578f84ee49442f037397fc5ed


Activities Metrics Achieved
Project Built 15 projects
Mentors 8 Subject matter experts.
Workshops hosted 10 online workshops
Number of office hours (support hours) 12+ support hour sessions
Incubator Program Four projects have successfully joined the CELO Camp Accelerator, and one project is potentially set to launch on MiniPay.
Upcoming Events Online Demo Day for the Incubator Program: Incubator Program, Demo Day · Luma

Focus Area 2: Attracting Web 3 talent to build for Celo.

Over the past four months (March, April, May and June), we have hosted over 15 developer workshops (CodeJams) and over 7 university meetups to attract developers from diverse backgrounds. These workshops aim to introduce Web 3 concepts, support BWC hackathons, provide hands-on experience with Celo’s tools and technologies, and foster a community of innovative developers eager to build on the Celo platform. This initiative has successfully engaged numerous developers, enhancing their skills and integrating them into the Celo ecosystem.


Activity Metrics Achieved
Community Education and University Programs We successfully organized and held over 22 Community meetups and University events, reaching, engaging and onboarding over 1054 beginner developers to Celo.
Code Jam Event We organized and held a total of 15 Code Jam events, which reached, engaged, and onboarded over 1000 developers, and attracted over 15 early-stage founders.
Ecosystem Growth We successfully Ignited the South Africa and Ghana Communities
New Hires We successfully recruited and onboarded 2 Community Managers, and 2 Developer Evangelists from South Africa and Ghana.
Number of Activated clubs Activated over 9 university clubs across the university Ecosystem, these are from the 9 university events that we hosted.
Lemonade Events We cohosted 4 events with Celo Foundation on lemonade.social, with 144 attendees and 117 unique attendees

Africa DAO Support for BWC - Build with Celo Hackathon Series (5, 6, 7………)

Initially, we had planned to host our hackathons. However, we soon recognised that it would be more effective to collaborate with the monthly Build With Celo (BWC) hackathons. We recognised the need to bring our DAO communities to participate in BWC and to offer on-ground support to developers facing challenges when building and mentoring them through the building phase. In addition to this, we allocated funds to support other Hackathons such as the Code Africa Hackathon by Memoi and Celo Uganda Mini Hackathon. In addition to this collaboration, we have allocated funds to support other local hackathons and aim to sponsor various upcoming hackathons.

BWC x Celo Africa DAO Collaboration Metrics

Deliverable Metrics Garnered
Participation rate Over 50% from Africa
Submissions Over 50% of the BWC hackathon projects from Africa
Builders Over 150 Builders
Mentors 12 Mentors across (Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa)
Building teams 25 Teams out of the 50 Teams building
Impressions 3K - 6K Impressions per post

BWC Hackathon Statistics

Source: BWC Hackathon team

For more detailed information about the BWC Hackathon, check the links below:

Africa DAO Web3 Curriculum Road Map

Focus Area 3: Market Awareness and Community Growth.

Objective: Build Market Awareness, Community Growth and Event sponsorship.

Key Deliverables: Marketing (Twitter), Local Event Sponsorship, Upcoming events.


Activity Metrics Achieved
Marketing We conducted a total of 9 Twitter Spaces, reaching a total of over 1231 organic participants. Achieved more than 1000 new followers, and more than 106,500 Twitter impressions.
Local Event Sponsorship We Successfully sponsored; The Kenya Blockchain and Crypto Conference. This event attracted and onboarded more than 50 developers and the Code Africa Conference, where we ran a Hackathon track successfully building 8 products from the hackathon on Celo.
Upcoming Events Online Incubator Program, Demo Day (25th June 2024)

Funding Request for Tranche 2 (Celo Africa H1)

We received $134,000 as of the first tranche of funding for H1 out of the total $248,300 that was approved. The funds remaining in the Safe that we intend to return to the Celo Treasury is $21,000 which was set as the July buffer. We are now requesting the second tranche of the funds $114,300 from the stewards of the Celo Public Goods due to take us from July to September.

Budget Request: $114,300

Program Budget Allocation Lead
Market Awareness $21,900 Chimize Chuta
Community growth $37,500 Umar Sebyala
Web 3 Talent $31,500 Cynthia Kamau
Multi-Sig & Ops $22,500 Ops Lead
Tooling and Legal $900 Ops Lead
Overall DAO ops $114,300

July to December Plans for the DAO

  • In September Celo Africa DAO will host the Celo Gather with support from other ecosystems under Celo. This community-led conference aims to bring together the brightest minds and most passionate individuals to help shape the future of the Celo ecosystem in Africa.

  • Post Incubator Program Support: The incubator program has been a great success, and we plan to run Cohort 2.

  • We are intensifying our development workshops to foster a continuous pipeline of innovative ideas ready for incubation.

  • We seek to support events such as the EthSafari, Eth Accra, Eth Cape Town, Blockchain Africa Conference, and closely aligned events where we are likely to connect with devs and founders ready to contribute to our ecosystem.

  • CodeJam sessions will be continuing in H2 to support builders in the different ecosystems and to onboard users to the Celo Ecosystem.

  • Celo Africa DAO is set to provide comprehensive support to the BWC Hackathons. Their contributions will include mobilizing the African community to develop on the MiniPay platform, offering mentorship to participating builders, and conducting office hours for developers engaged in the Hackathons.

  • We are seeking to host a series of Celo Africa DAO Mini one and two-week Hackathons across various ecosystems. Our goal is to foster innovation, collaboration, and community engagement within the Celo blockchain network by bringing together developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. These mini hackathons will serve as a pipeline for projects for BWC (Build With Celo)


The first four months (March, April, May and June) of the Celo Africa Dao witnessed a dynamic series of activities by the Celo Africa DAO team, aimed at nurturing a thriving blockchain ecosystem within Africa. Through developer workshops, university events, community collaborations, and engaging Twitter Spaces discussions, Celo succeeded in elevating its brand presence and establishing itself as a valuable contributor to Africa’s blockchain landscape.

Looking ahead, the Celo Africa DAO team remains committed to further enriching the local blockchain community through continuous initiatives and the establishment of collaborative partnerships.

Photo Gallery:

Celo Africa DAO Event

Useful Links:

Website | Telegram |Twitter


Celo Africa DAO season 1, off to a flying start :100:


Amazing! Proud to see this as a Celo community member.

Would be interested to hear feedback collected from the hackathons and web3 curriculum. Specifically what challenges are you seeing for new developers to Celo? How could tools like Celo Composer be improved?


Celo Africa DAO is doing great work! As I’m Co-Lead of KohCelo, I would say that we also have many friends from Africa participating and joining us. I am really proud that KohCelo has a partner with Celo Africa DAO. I love the African continent! Cheers :raised_hands: :heart_eyes: :partying_face:


Amazing team work :raised_hands:

Thanks for sharing this great progress. I usually see new participats joining Celo Africa DAO channels on telegram and Slack from local meet ups. Kudos to the whole team :clap::clap:


Really enjoyed reading this forum post, thanks for everything you’ve shipped and the stakes are higher now for the 2nd tranche :green_heart:

On a personal note: I like a lot the builder engine that you’ve engineered (see Projects Funnel from the DAO image), and I need to get my boots on the ground for 2025.

I’ve got one question though: can you share a bit more info on the engagement with the Opera Team? What’s the success rate of ‘Outstanding Projects’ that you’ve intro’d to them? Would be great to see some more data on this. If you don’t have good-enough data yet, maybe share the story of a success case?


What a jam packed report to read - nice work!

I echo Pedro’s comment above about learning more about the ‘outstanding’ projects and perhaps Prezenti can link up with you. Let’s chat!


Hi everyone,

I am Lena from the DevRel team from the Celo Foundation. So, far I missed out on getting active in the forum, but very happy about this being my first post. I have been working closely with the Celo Africa DAO team, since I joined the Celo Foundation in January, with a specific focus on the Build with Celo hackathons!

First of all, I want to thank you for this intensive report! Since I came to you in the beginning of the year, the whole DAO has been incredibly supportive and crucial in my work of organizing successful hackathons!

I came in with a lot of requests and I want to personally thank Daniel K., Cyndie, Charles, Umar, Brisa, Jordan, Ronex, Galien, Jovan, Elias, Sam, Alex, Dennis, Derrick, Khadijah Musa, Adam and Naheeme for being so open to my proposals, supporting me with marketing, mentorship, bringing great builders and projects and restructuring your Code Jams to create a part for the BWC hackathons.

You can read some of the numbers above, but just repeating and adding some things here

Out of this Celo Africa DAO x BWC collab

  • we got 12 mentors (2 of them already deployed in MiniPay)
  • support with hosting the workshops (thank you Cyndie)
  • Celo Africa DAO brought >50% of the builders and projects
  • We had 3 teams from our hackathon move into their incubator (PayLink, Celo Gifty, Esusu )
  • During the Code Jams, Celo Africa DAO not only promoted the hackathons but also organized the Code Jams around our schedule so they would be able to support the submitting teams in removing blockers and getting feedback on their pitches let teams pitch
  • Celo Africa DAO is promoting all our posts with their several Twitter accounts and supports us in getting a broad reach
  • as mentioned in the report, they also sponsor hackathons and promoted the BWC hackathon for builders to continue their project in our BWC hackathons (.e.g., Code Africa)


If you check out the hackathons below, you will be able to see that the quality of the projects is higher than average especially compared to the overall participation. Through mentorship and IRL support we could achieve a builder retention of 36% in the last hackathon! Huge shoutout to the mentors who invested a lot of their time to bring our builders and projects to where they are now (in Celo Camp :slight_smile: ).

On our roadmap

  • even closer collaboration with the DevRel lead to align on a shared strategy
  • host monthly online workshops together

Online Education

Additionally, I am super excited about the planned and outlined curriculum. It will be hosted on a learning platform and we are looking forward to use this also as a tool to share with our community partners and broader ecosystem to fill the gap, that currently exists for onboarding new builders. I think it will be very scalable and through the platform, we will be able to track the success, iterate and distribute certificates of completion at the end!

Tracking Metrics and Engagement

  1. Developer engagement: We have just created a roadmap for future tracking of Code Jam contributions which will be publicly available and represent the work that the Celo Africa DAO is doing in onboarding new developers to Web3
  2. Community engagement: We are also working together on leveraging lemonade.social as a platform to host and engage our community and offering POAPs for attending workshops and events. This will help us to be able even more to connect and support our community directly. This strategy is still currently being built out but should be more defined after the upcoming hackathon.

I am really looking forward to collaborating even closer in the future to foster and grow the Celo Builders ecosystem!

Thank you so much!


Hi @pcbo

We’ve been actively introducing outstanding projects to the Opera Team and are happy to report positive initial results. While we’re still gathering comprehensive data to share a final success rate, our recent collaboration with Pretium Africa is a great example.

Pretium Africa Success Story:

Pretium Africa strives to revolutionize African cross-border payments and integrate cryptocurrencies into the economic value chain. Their successful onboarding to Minipay is a big step towards achieving this vision. Minipay’s vast network will streamline transactions and potentially open doors to new customers across Africa. This success story highlights the value proposition of outstanding projects and the effectiveness of our partnership with the Opera Team. We’re confident that by working together, we can continue to identify and implement solutions that benefit both teams and our clients.

Moving Forward:

We understand the importance of data-driven insights. We’re actively working on how to capture and analyze engagement data with the Opera Team, including success rates for outstanding Projects. We’ll be sure to share these metrics once they’re robust enough to provide a clear picture. As soon as other projects are moving and gaining some traction, we shall be quick to share feedback with the community so that we can also inspire more builders to consider MiniPay.

Happy to provide more learnings


Hi @MayaRB we are thrilled to learn about Prezenti’s interest in partnering with Africa DAO.

We reached out on email to schedule a call to discuss potential opportunities and explore how we can work together more closely?

Looking forward to the collaboration.

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Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it! :pray:


How can I reach out to the dao to help integrate my product in minipay.

Hello Africa DAO Team.

Sorry for late posting,
Thank you for the detailed report on Celo Africa DAO’s progress for March to June 2024. The achievements across key areas are impressive and demonstrate significant growth in the African blockchain ecosystem. :muscle: