Additional phone number or email address for CoinBase withdrawal?

Wanting to send CELO to my Valora wallet from my CoinBase account in order to convert to cUSD.

I noticed that CoinBase’s send page for CELO suggests a phone number or an email address. I also read somewhere that it might be possible to register a second phone number in Valora. I don’t see anywhere in Valora that I can add an additional account identifier such as a second phone number or an email address. Is this a feature of some other Celo wallet?

Device Information

OS: [Android]
App Version:1.12.2

Are you referring to what’s in this screenshot @ian ?Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 08.30.48

I think this is simply the same for all held assets on Coinbase. At least, it is the same for me.

Yes, that’s it. I assumed it was custom made for CELO.

That would be really nice but I don’t think Coinbase has customized that screen for CELO, at least going by what I see for my other stored tokens. I don’t know if that can be changed but I’ll raise it with our team. Thank you @ian